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Introduction: Un-shop Conveniently

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It's always easier to return something with a receipt and what better way to do so than by using an empty tissue box for receipt storage.

With the plastic liner located on the top of each the box, receipts go in but don't come out...that is until you need to find that missing piece of paper.   Also, because tissue boxes are all the same size, you can store several years of colorful receipts in little space.

By keeping the receipt box in a convenient place, you will never have an excuse to unshop again! 

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    Birdy Jane
    Birdy Jane

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. The receipts from retail stores, around here anyway, are all printed on heat-sensitive paper that doesn't stay readable for a whole year usually, so I won't see the multi-year benefits of this. Still, thank you for the idea, I am plagued by an excessive number of receipts,everywhere I turn, it seems, though I can never locate the one I need at any given time.