UnBrella - a Portable Greenhouse




Introduction: UnBrella - a Portable Greenhouse

The UnBrella is a water irrigation system designed to conserve water. It collects transporated water from the plants and puts it back into the soil. It is also equipped with a sprinkler system so all you have to do is connect it to a hose or a rain barrel if extra water is needed.

Step 1: Materials

1 - Clear plastic umbrella

6 ft - 3/8" Clear plastic tubing

1 - garden hose adapter

1 - 3/8" tubing to garden hose adapter

1 - bubble level

1 - 3/8" tubing T-adapter

12 - zip ties

Plumbers Tape

Step 2: Cut Tubing to Fit Inside UnBrella

Thread plastic tubing so that it forms a circle above the UnBrella stays. Mark the desired length to complete the circle. Remove tubing and cut on marking.

Step 3: Drill Holes in Tubing to Make Sprinkler System

We tested 3 different methods of putting sprinkler holes in the plastic tubing. We test a nail, an X-acto knife, and a drill bit. We determined that the drill bit worked best. We then marked the tubing every 2.5" with a marker and drilled a small hole.

Step 4: Install T

Place prepared tubing back in the UnBrella. Connect the tube with the plastic T-joint. Make sure the third connection is pointing toward the center of the UnBrella.

Step 5: Zip Tie Tubing in Place

Step 6: Make a Hole for Hose Attachment in Umbrella

Hold the brass 3/8" tube adapter up to the inside of the UnBrella and mark the plastic to remove. Cut out the marked plastic.

Step 7: Install Hose Attachment

Cut a shorter length of plastic tub to connect the brass 3/8" adapter to the plastic T-adapter. Wrap the Teflon Tape around the threaded part of the brass adapter and insert the adapter into the UnBrella from the inside. Screw the garden hose adapter on to the 3/8" adapter.

Step 8: Zip Tie Hose Attachment to Umbrella Struts for Stability

Step 9: Saw Off UnBrella Handle

Cut off the UnBrella handle, leaving about 4-5" to insert into the ground.

Step 10: Cut Holes in the Plastic to Allow the Plant to Breathe

Pinch the plastic together between the spars and use a hole puncher to make the air holes.

Step 11: Put UnBrella in the Garden

Place UnBrella over some plants in the garden. Connect a hose to the hose attachment and water your plants. Use the bubble level to ensure that it is installed level.



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    6 Discussions

    Thanks for great instruction :D I'm in Tokyo and now we have super tiny narrow yard, this is perfect for us! :) And more we can buy clear umbrella for $1 - $3 here. very reasonable!!

    And who needs such a small greenhouse? This would have been a lot more interesting using a instant pop up canopy or something of the sort, where you could have vastly superior area.

    1 reply

    Somebody needs it man. Starting plants, people with house plants...etc. Not everybody is trying to grow a thousand acres of oats for General Mills. You can buy greenhouses in retail stores as small as this or even smaller, and they don't have the watering feature. Obviously this can be scaled up too.

    my son really enjoyed this project. Very clever. I especially like the watering part. This got his engineering side creating. He now wants to put lights so he can see it at night. Thank you.

    Clever! Nicely done, thank you for sharing how you made this! :)

    1 reply

    If someone has a small or tiny yard, this would be perfect. Not everyone has a large enough space for a canopy, let alone the increased cost. I think this is a great idea for those who would like just this size. It can be adjusted for those who have the size requirements for a larger piece.
    Good job!! Thanks for the 'ible!!