USACS(Universal Shotgun Ammo Combat Shotgun)





Introduction: USACS(Universal Shotgun Ammo Combat Shotgun)

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This is my second entry into the contest, the USACS. It feeds from a removable tube mag and can load any type of ammunition if the ammo you want to use is no longer than an orange connector with a green rod attached. It is loosely based on the SRM Arms M1216. On average the range is 55ft and it functions very reliably, rarely  jams and when it does jam it is probably because of ammunition that is too big/small or user error. Please leave a comment bellow and vote for this in the contest.



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    Thanks, no I didn't get any inspiration from your amr,in fact I didn't know about it as I don't really check the forums.

    lol,I improved the uni-shot idea and gave it a crazy acronym =P

    A good-looking, functional shotgun with a detachable tube magazine and real-world counterpart? This is amazing! Whatever happened to choking the front page with block-triggers and slingshots?

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    Thanks =D Block triggers are kind of not socially accepted by the knex community anymore =P As of what happened to slingshots, well I have no idea what became of them,people just stopped posting them I guess.