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I like the look of bandsaw boxes, but I didn't have a bandsaw at the time I made this. I wanted to see if I could make something that emulated a bandsaw box anyway. It's not emulating the more familiar drawer style box, but the kind with the removable lid. All you absolutely need is a jigsaw, drill, router table with flush trim bit, and some sandpaper.

Step 1: Make a Template

  • I sketched an irregular shape on some 3/4 inch MDF.
  • I rough cut the outside of the shape with my jigsaw.
  • I drilled out the center and cut out the inside with the jigsaw.
  • I used a sanding drum on my drill press and a disk sander to do final shaping of the template.

Step 2: Make the First "ring"

  • I traced the template shape on a 1/2 inch piece of poplar.
  • I cut out the outside and inside of the poplar as with the template, leaving about 1/8 inch or less on the waste side of the line.
  • I applied double sided tape to the rough shaped poplar and attached the template to it.
  • I used a flush trim bit on the router table and used it to transfer the shape of the template to the poplar.

Step 3: Make the Other Rings

  • I traced and roughed cut the next ring.
  • I glued the rough cut ring to the finished ring.
  • I also tacked it on with a few brad nails.
  • I shaped the rough ring on the router using the previous finished ring as the template.
  • I repeated for all the rings, not using the brad nails on the top ring as it would show.
  • I used some sandpaper taped to a dowel to smooth the inside and outside of the rings, while wished I had a spindle sander.

Step 4: Make the Top

  • I sketched the inside shape of the box on some 1/4 plywood for the lid insert.
  • I cut it out with the jigsaw.
  • I finished shaping the insert with the sanding drum and belt sander.
  • I glued the insert to another 1/2 inch piece of poplar.
  • I rough cut the outside shape.
  • I taped the lid to the rings.
  • I shaped the lid on the router table with the flush trim bit.

Step 5: Make the Bottom

  • I traced the outside shape on another piece of polar.
  • I rough cut it with the jigsaw.
  • I glued it to the rings.
  • I finished the bottom with the flush trim bit.

Step 6: Final Shape and Finishing

  • I rounded the top and bottom with a rounding bit.
  • I used a chamfer bit in the underside of the lid and the top of the box.
  • I finished the box with a few coats of Danish oil.

Step 7: Complete

Now you have a box that looks like it was made on a bandsaw. Would it be easier to make with a bandsaw? Probably, but I didn't have one at the time.



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3 years ago

well done, very well done for your ingenuity...I love's


3 years ago

What a beautiful box! I love the idea of building it up layer by layer. Great way to make a box with limited tools.

1 reply

3 years ago

Nice! I like the technique. I can think of several other projects it could be adapted to!

1 reply

3 years ago

Hi Ken, I relly like how nice it came out, great method.

One liitle tip to use masking tape and superglue instead of double sided one, here Ben describes the advantages of it. Easy, cheap, clear, accurate, really works.

Masking tape and superglue trick by Ben.

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

And voted of course. :)