Unbelievable IQ Flexy Toy ! Make You Crazy !





Introduction: Unbelievable IQ Flexy Toy ! Make You Crazy !

Make one :)



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    I bet you could cut some strips like that from a water/soda bottle and make a cool toy while reusing something

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    yeah sorry dude but, "12 things like this..." isn't very descriptive. what did you get those from?

    This video is best when listening to "Popcorn" The white strips look like some kind of plastic. No sweat

    WOW! Now I need a riveter and 12 of those tab folders with the bendy binder to steal the little paper guards!

    Super cool golics! Best one I have seen so far by you. Great job, look forward to trying this out later!

    Does the stack order matter? Where did you get the strips?