Unbelievable!do You Now the Secret?




Introduction: Unbelievable!do You Now the Secret?

About: i love electronics :p

do you spot my golden ring , money and my important bill paper?

IF you think its inside the inverted cooker you'r mistaken!

IF you think its under the towel or in the white sack also your mistaken!

look down to know where they are ? note:this idea cost about 1$

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Step 1: (0_0) Did It Hit in Your Mind!?

this is a bottle , and in other words, this is an unbelievable bottle that holds expensive and valuable things .

and if any thief entered a house he of course he will not leave closets,rooms ,boxes .. to steal a bottle!!

Step 2: Materials

material needed:





- IMPORTANT THINGS (i put a valuable bill , money , and a ring ) ;

Step 3: Nylon:

take a small part of nylon from the roll and cut it with scissors to get a small piece.

Step 4: RING(make It Water Resistance)

in order to keep the golden ring(or any other type like necklace) in a good condition , by isolating it from water you must furl the ring with the piece of nylon that was cut before.

Step 5: Tape:

cut a small pice of tape and fold it in a way it stick on the two sides

Step 6: Ring Hiding

put the folded tape in the lid of the bottle, then put on it your valuable ring and close it .

Step 7: Bottle Cover

open carefully the cover of the bottle.

note:don't remove the cover at all , keep fourth of it connected

Step 8: Hiding Money and Important Papers

put your money on the bottle in a way it's edges are hidden and tape it (you can also tape it on the bottle cover paper as the paper i taped ) ,then put your important papers , flexible card.. on the bottle cover and tape it(i taped a bill paper) .

Step 9: Pasting Bottle Cover

close the bottle paper cover and stick it in order to return it as if new .

Step 10: Put It and Relax

after finishing all these steps , fill it with water to make the money(if it's appeared) invisible.

know you can leave the house with thieves and relax your mind outside your home .

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    2 years ago

    I would have never thought of this!


    2 years ago

    That's a cool hiding place.! :D


    2 years ago

    That's a neat idea for a hiding place, just be careful that it doesn't get thrown away by accident :)