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Introduction: Uncle Boo's!!! Haunted House 2010

Hello ghouls and goblins!!! This slide show is depicting My house Decorated for Halloween inside and out. We were having our first ever Halloween party and I decide to do it up right. I had every room in the house set up as different  scenes and the out side was set up ass well.
1. Scary 10 ft tall scare crow with creepy corn field around him ( we had some dressed up like a scarecrow behind the corn jumping out a people as they came to the door)
2. roting corps in full size coffin with smoke and a green light.
3. Cemetery with strobes and a ghoul hanging from the tree
4. circle of  ghost around burning tree (with flicker fire lights that I built)
5. black lights under gables with glowing faces
6. corn stalks with orange lights in the tied to the pilers
7. flying ghost 
8. Spider webs and giant spiders all over the bushes.

1. The fist room you enter is the front hall way which we did up as a 3D splatter room with a black light and my friends son waring a splatter costume( u couldn't see him till he was right in front of you.
2. The living room was set up as a Old Haunted movie theater with real movie theater seats. 
3 Dinning room set up as a scary carnival room including a spinning multi colored light and scary carnival  music.
4. Long hallway to bathroom had spider web treatments on walls and a high powered strobe light( no one could walk strait down that hall)
5. screaming door reaper when you turned the corner.
6. My favorite room the Black light Bio-hazard Bathroom...
I made every thing for that room 
      a. Bottle with glow water and creepy thing in them
      b. Bottle with giant snakes in them
      c. Glowing toilet water( high liters in the tank)
      d. Melted corps head and arm on tub
      e. glow water in tub with battery operated strobe( in tuber ware held down with a brick)
      f. creepy writing and smear prints on shower walls ( laundry detergent)
      g. glowing roaches all over the place
      h. I used orange high liters and water to splattered the whole shower, floor and toilet.

all and all I had a lot of fun doing the house up as a haunted house I just wish I didn't have to take it all down...Cant wait till next year!
Uncle BOO!!!

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    6 years ago

    Wow is so spooky !