Unclog a Drain a Natural Non -toxic Way



DONT TRY  if you have already put toxic chemical into the drain / world water ways

Baking Soda
White vinegar 
Cream of Tar tar

Tea Kettle 
Mixing container
small cup


Step 1: Mixture

(Please Note this is preventive care)

Start Boiling water.  fill tea kettle more boiling water is better

 Grab you mixing container 

Measure out  

one cup of Salt
one cup of baking powder
 1/4 cup of cream of tart tar 

You can buy everything in a local super market

 Stir  and mix and shake if container permits shaking


Step 2: Insert Mixture

Pour boiling water down the drain  to clear any other chemicals 

- add a cup of the powder solution. into the drain

-then add more boiling water

-let  the  mixture chill for 10-15 minutes  

-then add white vinegar

once you have added vinegar use the plunger plug the drain so the chemical reaction goes down 

Repeat 3 times 

Remember sometime if you live on the first floor the toilet over flows into the tub so  try   unclogging both drains.



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