Unclog a Plugged Glue Bottle



Don't let a clogged glue bottle bog down your project. Get it cleared quickly and let the good times flow!

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Step 1: Open the Bottle's Nozzle Fully.

Depending on the brand, either twist or pull the nozzle until open.

Step 2: Pull Off the Nozzle

Using pliers or your spectacular finger strength, pull the nozzle until it pops off. Be aware that removing the nozzle slightly wears away the plastic detants holding the whole thing together, so don't do this frequently or your nozzle may start to fall off when you don't want it too.

Step 3: Clean Out the Dried Glue

There will usually be a core of dried glue stuck to the top of the bottle. Pull it off and make sure 6u you can clearly see down the neck of the bottle to the reservoir of liquid glue. Also check the nozzle you pulled off, and use a needle-like tool to clean out any clumps.

Step 4: Reassemble

Push the nozzle firmly back into the bottle until it seats back into the 'open' position. Pushing a screw type nozzle past this position may damage the threads.
You can now use the glue bottle add intended. Let the good times roll!

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    4 years ago

    I keep empty, clean mustard squeeze containers as backups for just this situation, after 3-4 cleanouts the nozzle of the glue bottle become unusable or all mucked up.