Unclogging You 3D Printer Nozzle With Steam in 10 Minutes

Introduction: Unclogging You 3D Printer Nozzle With Steam in 10 Minutes

A few weeks ago we converted our Shapeoko CNC mill to a 3D FDM printer. I'll post step by step instructions soon, but as a quick summary, here are the parts used:

1) Ebay MK8 derivative from seller soho.century (Great customer service and very fast shipping: No we're not affiliated)

2) 0.2kg Translucent PLA spool from Makerbot Store.

3) 3D printer adapter to hold extruder assembly to gantry.

Syptoms of clogged nozzle: -Stepper motor skipping steps -Broken filament -Filament flow rate has decreased to the point where prints fail 100% of the time.

Things you'll need:

A stove (I used a stove) or blow torch

A set of plyers (to hold the hot extruder)

A glass or metal cup to hold cold water

Excitement (not required)

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Step 1: 10 Minutes Repair Procedure

Quick disclaimer: This repair involves direct exposure to dangerously high temperatures, please follow at your own risk. I am not responsible for any harm you endure while following this tutorial.

Wear high temperature resistant protective gloves.Heat up extruder to at least 140 degrees C

1) Unscrew extruder nozzle from heater block.

2) place nozzle on stove top as shown in the picture

3) Heat block until PLA vaporizes (shouldn't take more than 2 minutes)

4) Using plyers, pick and submerge hot nozzle in cold water for 10 seconds

5) Place Nozzle on hot stove with the threaded side down as shown above.

6) Wait approximately 1 minute while water turns into steam and rushes through nozzle top end (DO NOT PLACE YOUR FACE ABOVE NOZZLE AT THIS TIME, STEAM WILL SHOOT UPWARDS AND BURN YOU).

7) Repeat steps 3-6 three times or as needed.

Step 2: Enjoy Your Prints

8) Your nozzle should now be unclogged, re-attach it back to the heat block and enjoy your prints.

Check out more prints on www.glowbydesigns.com

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