Unconventional Office Decor - Your Clients Definitely Remember You




Introduction: Unconventional Office Decor - Your Clients Definitely Remember You

In the legal field (yes I'm a lawyer so don't hold that against me), offices are often filled with diplomas, admissions to this bar or that, and other "me wall" self-promotion type of decorations. My office is a little different. I do not have a single admissions or diploma on the wall. They are all in my closet. Instead, I filled the office with stuff that I enjoy.  My clients get to see the real me instead of a fake persona or totally self-centered lawyer. 

And for those of you  who have such "me walls" please do not take offense. I know that the professional impression that must be projected is of importance and certain clients will simply not trust a lawyer who does not prominently display their achievements. Some of you may also be uncomfortable with such displays, but your managing partner may insist. However, when I started my own firm I vowed to not hold back and clients can either accept or reject as they see fit. Interestingly enough, most enjoy my office and its decorations are talking points which usually make them smile. I was surprised at how many responded with something similar to "I'm a huge Star Wars fan too. Wish I could decorate my office like this."  So, the response is positive and I intend to keep it up but thought I would share. 

Step 1: Pick a Center Piece

The main talking point in the office is a 6 foot in diameter vinyl Death Star on the wall by the conference table. It is the first thing most people see when they enter.  

Step 2:

Next is a wall with Star Wars art symmetrically placed. I think some of them are too close to each other, but I haven't taken the time to redo them. The center picture is a lithograph given to me by a client. He was so taken with my office originally he said he saw the artwork and knew he had to buy it for me. Nice guy. 

Step 3: Give Them Refreshments

Off in the corner is a small refrigerator filled with Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew (and a few waters).  People sit by the Death Star, open the frig and take a drink On top of the frig are several mini-busts as well as my favorite Star Wars baseball. It gets a lot of stares. 

Step 4: Lady Justice

In addition to Star Wars, I have several lady justices throughout the office. Here you see a piece of artwork with Vader with two lady justices below. Not pictured is the center piece of a 3 foot tall iron lady justice. She also gets a lot of looks. 

Step 5: Collections Working Together . . .sort Of

OK, it might look like a lot of clutter, but its actually my 3 foot lady justice, several Star Wars busts and a lot of legal paperwork. Near my nameplate is a conversation getting piece which is a levitating spiral LED spinner. It floats in front of the client as they sit in front of the desk. Most do not know how it works (magnets). There is also a magic puzzle box which has a full picture of Yoda or Darth Vader depending on which end you look in. Right above the desk is a picture of me skydiving.  That also gets a lot of looks.  

Step 6: Keep Their Attention

So the moral of the story is simple. .. you do not have to stick with traditional decor in order to make an office interesting or impressive. While I initially worried about it, the response I get from clients and visitors is always positive. It makes sure  your clients remember who you are as "you're the guy with the Star Wars office" or "you're the Star Wars guy who skydives."  Your clients do not easily forget you.  And, it makes a fun place to work. 

Not that this is a true instructable, but I a friend commented on how he found my office a little inspirational as its is unconventional.  He said others might find it that way as well. I do not know about that, but I decided to share anyway. So go forth and decorate how you want to, not how tradition says you should. And may the force be with you. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    now to be different. use a circuit making pen or conductive ink pen of your choice. trace route of power to led(s) to light up the main weapon of the death star. and it can be powered by flexible solar panels. or go the tech way an go with a ipad or similar choice of gear to change the lighting sequence.


    6 years ago

    We need more free thinkers. That's what this site is all about.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    +1 jmwells,

    @jedii72 on the other hand, i wonder how did u put the death star on the wall,

    you may share that steps


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Wish I could say it was some great DIY process, but I bought it and it came that way. It's a vinyl image with self-adhesive on the backing. You just have to be careful to get it on without wrinkles or bubbles.

    Mine's from Fathead and you can get it on ebay cheaper than amazon. Check here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Death-Star-REAL-...

    But there are others, so take a look at:


    and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Death-Star-Star-Wars-Stick...

    I put a Falcon one in my workshed at home, but that was a little outside of this instructable so I didn't go into it.