Unconventional Paper Box

Introduction: Unconventional Paper Box

Have you ever been thinking of making a bizarre shaped box?

Yes... This is an introduction to what can be done using:

1- CorelDRAW for Design

2- Cutter to cut or make scratch to fold

3- Thick paper

4- Printer

5- A handy rope to hold the box

Step 1: Design a Box for Your Generous Gift

You can also see my marriage ring stand which I have been thinking of covering it.

Using CorelDRAW as a powerful graphic design tool I made the whole sketching procedure with the appropriate calculated size. You can find a PDF design sample attached.

Step 2: Print and Cut

The designed sketch must be printed. In my living place printing a A3 coloured paper costs under 1$. It's highly cheap and you can ask printing centers for the price.

When printed, You can use cutter to remove redundant areas and try the next step to fold.

If you do the folding with bear hands, It will result in awfully shaped folds. For folding I use a cutter to make a scratch on the outer side of the paper which will make it easier to fold the paper.

According to the paper thickness you can see how much pressure will result in paper to be cut. Do it when you are not tired as it needs a kind of patience.

Step 3: Making the Buttom

In the images attached You can see how to make the bottom. Don't worry about the design. you can see it in the PDF file and with a little 3D imagination you can make your own. Give your own size or use this design.

Step 4: Final Work

This is the final result of this design. as you can see the entrance of the box will be opened to put the Ring Stand inside and it will take the stand's shape as you pull the rope.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This is a pretty cool paper box. Nicely done on the instructions too! :)


    Reply 3 months ago

    Hi Sam,
    I saw this after 4 years. Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.