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I only have one photo from the party, but here it is!

The theme this year was Undead historical figures. I was guessing there would be at least 2 Joan of Arc's (there weren't any, surprisingly), and at least one Amelia Earhart (there were 4). So I went for something a little different. 

plain black long sleeved, high neck blouse
Boring dark colored skirt
White lab coat purchased from Ebay for $7 plus shipping
$10 worth of glow sitcks and glow bracelets and necklaces from wal-mart
Zombie make-up, including paint, gel, blood and setting powder
1 egg white
Spirit gum
This kit: http://www.amazon.com/Ben-Nye-Effects-Gel-Wound/dp/B00467GFGG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1351449557&sr=8-5&keywords=halloween+scar+kit+gel

With my machine, I used white fabric scraps and white thread to sew long rectangular pockets for the glow braclets. Each pocket was supposed to be one of my irradiated ribs.  I did four in the back along my shoulders and four in the front, and one long one down the middle back for my spine. I closed one side of each pocket and left one side open. I had no problem keeping them in place.

Step two is to burn the coat or otherwise dirty it up. I raggedly cut up the bottom and sleeve ends, dragged it through the garden, spray painted the bottom edges black and rolled my zombie make-up used wedges all over the front, sleeve ends and bottom.

Step one of makeup. Separate a yolk from white, put a little butter in a pan and turn to high heat. Once good and hot, drizzle the egg white in, making a very thin, wide surface. This may take some practice, but by letting it brown and crackle, you have some fantastic burned 'skin'.  turn off heat, remove from pan and take your choice pieces of brown crispy egg.

I applied a layer of liquid white Ben Nye lightly on my face and hands to make them ashen. I used Ben Nye black liquid and powder to sink my eyes, and start a layer for the radiation burns on my neck, hands and face. On top of that, I swirled reds, purples and browns.

On top of that, I brushed and wedged on 2 layers of wound gel until it turned into a bubbly surface. while the gel was cooling and becoming more solid, I brushed pieces of egg white with spirit gum and pressed them into my new scar surfaces. when set, I warmed up the blood gel and applied liberally.

Once the gel cools completely and sets, I dusted it lightly with setting powder. It kept it from sticking to things the rest of the night, and the powder disappears after a few minutes to leave no trace. 

Use several layers of egg whites to make really impressive looking scabs. 

I mussed up my hair and clipped it haphazardly. I broke the glow sticks as the last thing before leaving the house and slipped them into my coat pockets, both real and recently stitched. 

I wanted to do more, but I only had about an hour before the party to get ready.

Almost all my friends 'got' my costume with no prompting. It was awesome.  My husband went as Abraham Lincoln with a giant exit bullet wound in the middle of his forehead, and an entry wound in the back of his head, using more blood and wound gel out of the kit.  

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