Under $1 Repair of LED Lights




Hi everyone.....

Lately while I was busy doing something, a power-cut interrupted me. Couldn't recall where the torches were. After some stumblin' and gropin' got hold of a few from the store... one worked but the other one was bad.... meaning .. I had another project at hand... No prob.. Thatz what I do...

Step 1: Removing the Old Battery...

It is an AC rechargeable LED torch, unused for quite some time, went bad.. Anyway, after dissection, the battery was bad as expected. But i couldn't find battery of similar physical dimensions in the market. Still i got one, though @ $0.75 (Sunca Sealed Lead Acid, Rechargeable, 4V, 1A).

Step 2: Putting the New One In...

The battery which I got was similar in length but much thicker than the torch's supplied battery. I was successful in overcoming this problem by cutting a window in the torch's back side where the battery fits. It bulged out from that window as it is thicker. The gaps were filled by a glue gun.

Step 3: Results Are Great...

Although, the anatomy of the torch was changed quite a bit... But it got a new lease of life... it works great...



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    1 year ago

    Simple and beautiful!

    Hurair Abab

    1 year ago

    By the way the battery is 4V 1A sealed lead acid rechargeable Sunca brand