Under 5 Min Ghost Decorations From Recycled Materials / Painter's Suit

Introduction: Under 5 Min Ghost Decorations From Recycled Materials / Painter's Suit

Need to make the place look a little more festive but don't really have the funds nor feel like buying junky plastic you'll just through out in a few days? Ghost decorations are easy to make since they don't need to be a special color or specific shape. They can be cut out of recycled newspaper, printed paper, or other leftover materials. We had a painter's suit lying around from another project, so I decided to use that.

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Step 1: Choosing the Material

First thing's first. You gotta settle on your materials. We choose to make our ghastly ghosts out a used painters suit. Feel free to improvise with other whitish materials. Get creative!

Step 2: Set Up Your Workspace

In addition to your main "white material", you will need a few other things.

- a clean workstation
- some scissors (+ 1 big person for little ones)
- some clear tape

Note, when cutting the painter's suit, I found it much easier to cut the arm + leg sleeves. I was able to get about 2 - 3 ghosts out of each sleeve.

Step 3: Begin Cutting!

Ghosts typically have a few things:

- a head
- 2 arms
- 2 eye holes
- jagged bottoms

The eye holes are probably the most difficult. For this you will want to fold the material in half and cut out a semi-circle. (or just two simple straight cuts - which will give you more diamond eyes than circle ones.)

When I cut out the body, I left the front and back sections attached so that I wouldn't have to tape these together. You can cut them apart and get 2 ghosts, but I liked the 3d effect I got leaving them attached.

Step 4: Stick Em to the Window and You're Done!

Taping really helped to make these guys stand out in a 3-d sort of way. Play around to see what will give you the best effect, but try not to use too much tape because then it will be noticeable.

See, now wasn't that easy?! Now you can spook all your neighbors!

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