Under 5$ Steadycam

Introduction: Under 5$ Steadycam

how make an useful and very cheap price steady cam.



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    Interesting, but it's really hard to figure out how this works from just the video. Some more footage (and preferably not in the mirror) of you holding and manipulating the camera might help. Also - what is the reasoning behind using a saw blade as counterweight - to make it more expensive and dangerous to use?

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    This Instructable is not an original. It is a rip/remake of an Instructable I mistakenly called a rip previously. The original idea belongs to Johnny Lee. I made one of these for a local high school only a bit more comfortable to use.

    Cool! Its not as good as the 4000$ models, but its great for low budget film making... Very, very creative... Now I need to find myself an extra 5$ for this type of project... -gamer Ps. Added to favorites and +1rating.

    I love the simple ingenuity of this. The video was great and the music was perfect. I'm giving you 5 stars good job!