Under-Ice Camera Mount for Muvi or Go Pro Style Helmet Cams

Introduction: Under-Ice Camera Mount for Muvi or Go Pro Style Helmet Cams

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I am on a quest to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire...
I have a book coming out in the coming year!
As part of that quest I need to get interesting pictures and video.
Now here is my issue I have a Muvi helmet cam with underwater housing and an old underwater camera that has no video capture ability.
Solution: create a mount that attaches to the top of my underwater video camera on a Budget exactly Zero...
my wife has restricted my fishing spending

These pictures are just snapshots of the black and white image I can see, underwater color video would be awesome!

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Step 1: Get Your Materials! Be Creative But Don't Spend Money!!!

Here is what you need...
2 wing nuts and matching bolts
A couple of curtain weights that the bolts fit through. (don't tell me wife I used these)
A camera mount from your cam, I used the mount that attaches to the headband
And of course you need you camera housing

Step 2: Putting It All Together, This Is the Easy Part!

Sandwich your weights together and push the wingnut and bolt throught the hole and tighten.
Now smash the cord between the two plates and push the bolt through the other hole and your camera mount.
Make sure it's all facing front and tighten it until it's firm.

Step 3: Yup.. Your Done, Now Go Fishing!

Here is the test video, it will be great if we see fish!

Enjoy and find my quest on facebook, just search for Catch-M-All
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