Making a Green Energy Efficient Desktop Pc.

Introduction: Making a Green Energy Efficient Desktop Pc.

My home automation pc is the manager for my home. Lights, dog food/water, renewable energy supervision/control, home access, comfort controls, entertainment plus more are all handle by my windows desktop pc. This PC is solar powered.

Undervolting a cpu saves power and increases it's life due to less heat being generated. I used the k10stat software to undervolt my 6 core amd 1090t.

Modern processors have several frequencies that are used to save power depending on how much work the cpu is doing. Each frequency is assigned a voltage to allow maximum energy efficiency.

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Step 1: Adjusting the Voltage Profiles.

The voltages I used per frequency step has proven stable and my idle power consumption changed from 121watts to 60watts. Peak power from 267watts to 115watts. The room I have the pc in is much cooler since this machine is always on.

Please note that the above power values are for the pc, WiFi, cable modem, pc surround speakers.

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