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Introduction: Underwater Basketball Toy

Hey! First off, this is my first Instructable and honestly, the creation is not super exiting. Just don't expect a perfect guide, it's my first try.

OK. The product of this Instructable is a toy that you can make for cheap, is fun to play and can be carried anywhere.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

First, take a look at the plan for the project below. You might not see what meterials are used where, but that's not a problem. To build this project you will need:

1 small glass jar with metal lid (the ones with pesto are typically about the right size).
1 disposable eyedropper.
1usual drinking straw.
4 to 6 plastic beads of 0.5cm3 and one of ca. 1cm3
A glue gun
Gluesticks for the glue gun
Min. 17x17 cm. of tulle (I belive that's what you call it?)
A thin flat clear plastic lid, min 19x7 cm.
Duct tape

All stuff that you have a good chance of finding around your house. Let's get constructing!

Step 2: Clean the Jar.

Clean the jar, the lid and the eyedropper firmly with normal dishwash so it's not greasy. Make sure there is no soap left afterwards.

Step 3: Remove the Label

You will want to remove the label(s) from the jar so you can clearly see into it. Do this easily by scrubbing it with a rough brush under warm water.

Step 4: Make a Hole in the Lid

Hammer the big nail thruough the lid on a hard surface, then pull it out. Check with the straw if it fits through the hole. Be careful not to bend the lid so it wont screw on, that wouldn't be lovely.

Step 5: Make the Hoop

Now we are gonnamake a little hoop that you can try to get the beads into. cut out a rhombus-like shape (see the picture), and fold it down the middle as shown.

(Tip: warm up the glue gun now so it's ready for the next step)

Step 6: Glue on the Hoop

Apply hot glue around one edge. Think before you glue! Imagine how it's gonna be placed so you can figure out where to put the glue. Then, carefully stick the hoop to the inside of the jar, close to the top but not too close, the beads have to be able to get in. Remember that the jar is gonna be upside-down when we're done. if you make a mistake or get glue in the wrong places, wait till it has dried (10 seconds for most glue guns) and carefully pull it of.

Step 7: Time to Use Those Scissors...

Cut the tulle in a square (or circle if you want) that is minimum 6 centimeters bigger than the opening of the jar, all the way around.

Then cut out a long strip of the plastic lid. it schould be 1 to 2 cm. wide and about 20 centimeters long. You might want to make it a little shorter if your jar is very thin (like mine).

This is also the point where you put in the beads.

Step 8: We Need a Little Space to Aim.

You have to keep the beads above the level wich the straw will reach so they wont get stuck and you'll have to turn it around. Place the jar with the lid off and the opening facing up, and put the tulleon top of that. Take the plastic strip, bend it to a circle, small enough to go thruogh the opening. Push the ring down, into the jar, taking the tulle with it and let go. Now the ring should hold itself and the tulle pushed towards the inside of the glass.

(Tip: If it isn't already, start heating up the glue gun now, it will be used soon)

Step 9: Seal It Up!

This whole step has to happen a little quickly, as you have to act before the glue dries.

First, fold down the edges of the tulle around the jar and pull. this will push the ring up but.not thru the opening. While you hold down the ends of the tulle, use the other to put glue onto the tulle in a fat cirle, on the edge of the jar. make sure there's plenty of it.

Now, screw the lid on as tight as it is possible before the glu dries up. Watch out: you can still feel the hot glue when there's a metal lid between it and your hand! Afterwards, cut off the tulle that is sticking out, and put hot glue where it were. Try to get into all the little cracks, this has to be waterproof!

Step 10: Fill With Water

The time has come to fill it with water! Pour the water into the little hole in the lid and let it fill up completely. If you see any leaks, try and fill them up with hot glue. As you see, the beads will probably float at first. This can be of two reasons: The most likely one; that there are air trapped in the hole where the string normally goes through. This should solve itself if you shake it up for a bit.
The other one; the beads are too small. If they are so small that they float, after you have shaken the jar, they might also be small enough to go through the tulle and then you can get them out through the hole.

(Tip: warm up the glue gun now so it's ready for the next step)

Step 11: Add the Pump

Cut the straw and eyedropper as on the picture. the two smallest parts go together and halfway into the hole in the lid. Put hot glue around one end of the straw and stick it into the eyedropper part. wait for it to dry. Then, fill the pump to the top with water, and put glue around where the straw and eyedropper overlat, and stick it into the hole. Add glue around the hole to make sure it's waterproof. You should be able to point the straw in a bunch of directions so that you can aim when you're playing.

(Tip: you can freeze the water in the pump before you glue it to the lid, so you don't spill anything. I should have been more careful, mine didn't fill up completely)

Step 12: The Finishing Touch!

The last thing you have to do is to add duct tape around the whole lid part. This should make sure that there are no lack of water, and give a cleaner final look. Now it's up to you to make up a set of rules, i liked this idea: you have 30 seconds to get all the small beads into the hoop (by pressing the pump of course) but if you get the big one in, you have to turn it around and start over. However your time doesn't start over.

Have fun playing!

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