Underwater Hunting and Primitive Gourmet!





Introduction: Underwater Hunting and Primitive Gourmet!

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Welcome Back!

I am using Instructables to share and hopefully spark motivation to people that finds my project exiting!
This is something else but non the less, one thing that i find very fun and enjoyable.

In this project i will show you how me and my friend manage to make "Gourmet" on the beach with limited resources. Hopefully you will find it interesting and try it yourself!

Step 1: Preparing.

To make sure you won't stand in the middle of nothing and is missing a simple thing like salt or butter, it's a great idea to plan your trip and you dinner course.

We also hunt for fish on the trip, so the hunting gear is also checked and packed.

A good rule we learned is, you can never have to many cooking pots with you.. (although max 3, it's heavy...)

The only heat source is a campfire and that's why you need to make sure that the equipment can handle the great heat, and that it will get soot. We use a thrift shop to find old pots and pans that don't cost as much and is in massive steel.(no plastic handles.)

Step 2: Location Location Location.

Me and my hunting buddy have this great spot we call "The dining hall" because the chance of getting a fish is very high. And! it's at a very beautiful location.

Here in Denmark the weather is also a fact to take in account. So checking the weather app some days before hand is a great idea. Rain and wind can be a game changer.

If you are underwater hunting the sea forecast is also important to keep in mind. Be sure current and wave heights is not a problem.

Step 3: Hunting.

We hunt with spear-guns and wet-suites. And yes the water is warm (16 degrees Celsius) but the wet-suites makes it possible for us to be in the water for longer periods.

On this trip we caught 10 flatfish, some "skrubbe" and "Rødspætte". I dare you to pronounce the last one.

Step 4: Preparing the Dinner

We made a danish dish that is called, "fladfisk med kartofler og persillesovs" and it means, "Flatfish with potatoes and parsley sauce"

Step one.

Slice the raw potatoes and chop some onions. We added a sweet-potato cause we are fearless.
Chop the Parsley.

Clean the fish and turn them in flour.

Step two.

Make sure the campfire is lit and the cooking equipment is ready.
Put the potatoes and onions in a pot/pan and add butter... alot of butter... 100gr of butter.. maybe even 150gr?

Step three.

Melt 50gr of butter in a pot and ad 2 tbsp of flour, stir it around. It should end up as a small ball. Let it fry for a minute. (this removes the flour taste.)

Step four.

Add milk to the butter and flour ball and stir! the milk cannot get burnt. TIP: take it of the heat at this point.

Step five.

Stir in the sauce for a couple of minuets over medium heat. It will get thicker and thicker and when it happens keep adding milk to keep the sauce at your preferable thickness.

Meanwhile put some butter or oil in a pan. Put on the fish!

Step six.

Add the chopped parsley to the sauce. stir. take of the fish when done. take of the potatoes when done.. voila!

Step 5: The Finished Product!

More than enough for 3, and very tasty.

Step 6: Dessert

A banana sliced open and "stuffed" with chocolate. Put it on the grill with the slice on top. let it stay there until the banana is soft on the inside. Done.

I Hope you like it! and feel free to ask regarding the recipe if needed :-)

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    9 months ago

    DOGS!!!! :) very nice instructable by the way, informative read

    Wow, what a fun instructable~ The pictures are beautiful and I enjoyed reading through it. One thing that really stood out was the beautiful entry picture with the fire flames flickering! Did you use a special program to do that? If you have a link to share about how to create that image, I would be ever so grateful~ Thanks for sharing your fun work and do share more about your primative experiences~


    3 replies

    Thank you very much! And yes i converted a movie into a GIF and uploaded it just like any other picture.

    I used this link: http://videotogif.thetimetube.com/

    I used this instructable to help me: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Upload-Animated-GIF-to-Instructables-V/

    Although you don't need to do all that stuff in step 3. I just uploaded the GIF like a picture and it worked :-)

    Thanks you!!!! I will go take a peek at the links. I assume I use the same link to make a collage to make one picture for the first image. Best wishes on what you win!


    Yes exactly! and if that doesn't work i tried to search for "Animated GIF converter" and found tons of webpages that offers this service :-)

    And i hope to win, something ;-) it would be a first :-)

    Nice banana recipe!

    That water is pretty warm for that far north. I'm not as far north as you are (laterally speaking), but the ocean currents where I live keep our ocean colder in the summer (~12 C at the warmest). 15 C would be darn near tropical.

    Thanks for the post. It was well laid out and your feast looks fit for a king. Well done!

    What a great post and a terrific way to inspire people to get out more, try something new and most importantly: learn about nature, cooking, self-reliance, outdoor skills, trip preparation and organisation - especially when hauling heavy cooking pots! Thank you for sharing. I’m 50 now but this could have been a friend and I, 30 years ago and half a world away [in Australia], complete with choc-‘nanas for dessert. Nothing beats cast iron for cooking and the combination of a fireside and the sea is magic. Spearguns were popular when I was growing up but I see so few people use them these days, especially here in Europe. Shellfish was the other thing we enjoyed. If no pots/pans could be had, we also baked things in salt or used “hot rocks”, which probably sounds a bit primitive but we were young, hungry and dining on things we’d caught ourselves, which always made them taste great. :)

    You live in a beautiful part of the world. Wishing you many similar trips in the future … and please do post again, with updates, techniques, tips and inspiration. Thanks again.

    2 replies

    Wow! thank your for your kind words, and a wonderful story! I find it very important to combine knowledge with fun in any direction. Even though I have a lot of projects home at the workshop I also enjoy to try new and exiting activities. some like this catches on and others is just fun to try out. Many of them leads to new projects as well ;-)

    At some point I will do a project on making a underwater hunting boat, with all the necessary equipment and storage ;-)

    Nice catch. I used to freedive and hunter the pacific ocean. LOVE it.

    1 reply

    Thanks! this was a slow run as any fisherman would say.. we got 10 fish but i have had runs with up to almost 30. it's nice to keep in the freezer for winter.