Undistructible Upgrade to Your Old Outdated Music System With SD Card, USB, Wireless Auxiliary



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Undistructible Upgrade To Your Old Outdated Music System With SD Card, USB, Wireless Auxiliary

What you achieve by doing this without damaging car fm modilator :-

1. Continue using in car
2. Use to hear music from sd card, usb pendrive
3. Auxillary input to connect mobile or any other device

Step 1: You Need a Car FM Modulator Thats Very Cheap

I took a cheap FM Modulator, which I use in my car to stream music from my mobile and sd card or usb

Step 2: Remove Tiny Screw on Back Side and Top Ring

Remove tiny screw from backbside.

Remove the top round by twisting it has metal tip, metal ring yhat holds two sides of plastic body together, fuse, and the bkack screw.

Step 3: Remove Back Cover

Remove back cover, where inside you see power supply circuit for car 12V

Find the positive point and negative point on pcb

Step 4: Solder Wires From Pin to Positive and Negative Points on Pcb

Solder Wires From Pin To Positive And Negative Points On Pcb.

Before you Solder make a small hole 1 1/2inch from top for wire to go inside. And also so that the FM Modulator can fit into cars cigarette lighter socket. After you insert wire inside back cover hole, tie a knot so if any pulls wire it should get stucked inside.

Soldervtwo wires to positive and negative points on PCB.

Step 5: Close the Back Cover

Refix all back cover, fuse, ring, screws and the front metal tip.

Step 6: Enjoy Music

Enjoy music either from sd cards, usb pen drive or Auxillary input from mobile or any other device. give power via a 12 V Eliminator with male socket.

This way you upgrade your old music system using its fm radio into a SD card, USB Pen drive capable.

Step 7: Not to Forget to Protect Your Wonderful Gadget

I use a kids plastic heart shaped pencil box.



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