Undistructible Way of Converting Old Music System Into Bluetooth Wireless System, Internet Radio, Piano, Guitar Etc, Movie Theatre, Andriod, Iphone Enabled




Introduction: Undistructible Way of Converting Old Music System Into Bluetooth Wireless System, Internet Radio, Piano, Guitar Etc, Movie Theatre, Andriod, Iphone Enabled

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Undistructible Way Of Converting Old Music System Into Bluetooth Wireless System, Internet Radio, Piano, Guitar Etc, Movie Theatre, Andriod, Iphone Enabled

just by hacking and old stereo headphone without damaging the headphones, now you can use stereo Bluetooth headphones and ypur old music system is upgraded into a bluetooth enabled music system. And best this is your smartphones can connect and you can do wonders..like...

1. listen music from smartphone, control music completely from your phone
2. Stream internet Radio listen to BBC, CNN ON ur old system
3. Play music using andriod iphone apps like piano, guitar, tabla, flute etc.
4. Watch movies on tab and its sound in ur music system
5. Business presentation on an public addressing system
6. Enjoy Games with surround sound
7. Stream through laptop, phone, tab, or any bluetooth device
7. and much more with ur imagination

A small hack, that too Undistructible, gives life to your old music system as well as a valuw tp your small gadgwet ie bluetooth headset. Use both as headphone and as music system.

Also in my next project I will show how to add Undistructible way sd card and usb support to your same old junk musoc system that you felt is outdated and were thinking to throw away.

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Step 1: Take Any Stereo Bluetooth Headphone

We need any stereo Bluetooth headphones. I had two years old imported from china.

Step 2: Open the Ear Cushion

All headphones must be having different ways to remove the ear sponge below which are the screws to open the headphones.

Step 3: Open the Back Panel to Access the Headphone Circuit Board

You need to remove the screws holding the backpanel of the earphones. Mostly all headphones open the side which has power on and off switch, here in this side you will get both speakers connections for left side and right side.

Step 4: Checkout the Space for the Female Stereo Scoket to Fit

Find the both R & R+ and L & L+ point on the circuit board. Also locate vacate space where your mini stereo female socket can fit. Solder three wires to mini socket, poition it properly and with solder iron make hole in the hedphone body. Clean the access melted plastic using knife/blade. Use Glue gun to hold the socket in position. I made half curve in top panel case nd half curve in bottom case so it fits around the headphone femle socket perfectly.

Step 5: The Left and Right Side Connections for Speakers

You need to find these left and right side speaker connectons and solder them to three wires from socket. you can use any one ground, and L+ & R+

Step 6: Thats How Socket Fits Into Perfectly

Your craftmenship skills are needed for perfection and clean fitting.

Step 7: Connect the Music System Via Stereo Pin Auxillary and Enjoy Music, Internet Radio

Use Auxillary input , connect to headphones, connect your any device to headphones via bluetooth. Enjoy Music streaming into your old useless music sytem via mobile, iphone, laptop, smartphones or any cheap phones too. and in this way convert your old music system into a bluetooth music system.

I will also show you in my next project how to add sd card and usb into your same old music system in very cheap way.

Enjoy Wireless Music, Internet Radio Into your old outdated Music System, that you never wanted to throw.

Now if you have smartphones, download apps like piano, guitar, etc and enjoy playing music with output wirelessly streaming into your Old music system.

Connect your tab, and enjoy watching movies on small screen with theatre like music in your old music system.

Step 8: Oh Yes One Last Thing, to Protect Your Wonderful Multipurpose Gadget

Once your have this hack into your stereo system you dont know the possibilities are endless, having just bluetooth in old music system can do wonders.

1. Connect via mobile to listen, control music
2. INternet streaming Radio
3. Connect tab and enjoy movies
4. Play Music using any smartphones apps
5. Video Conferencing
6. Public Addressing system and much more possibilities

Definaltely if so much useful gadget needs protection for longer life, so I made thiz pouch on my own from old bags, chains etc.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I want my old music systm to be done Bluetooth compatible. Where in Mumbai I can get it done?


    3 years ago

    you didnt show anything about bluetooth what gives?


    4 years ago on Step 8

    Looks like this article is old.
    Now you do not need to take so much trouble. You can buy a bluetooth adaptor with lineout option. This can cost you as low as USD 8 on ebay. You can buy the expensive ones for USD.20 to USD.25.

    My knowledge says it does not matter which one you buy as far as sound quality is concerned both should be the same since bluetooth will just transfer the audio signal to your music system and the final amplification will be done by your music system.