Unfindable Possessions Hiding Place!

Introduction: Unfindable Possessions Hiding Place!

 Ok, you will need the following supplies: a small bag, some valuables that fit into a small bag, and last but not least thoose 2 sided sticky pads ( or any kind of tape). Oh, and a drawer. Dont worry, this is probably most easy materials to get i can ALMOST guarantee you that you have them. Its also one of the most easy tutorials to do and takes about 1 minute to gather materials, put stuff in bag, and tape or stick to the drawer.

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Step 1: Step 1

 Open your drawer, then if its kind of full, take some stuff out, dont worry you can put them back in when your done. you see the thing on the top, feel under it and it should be hollow or have space on it. This is where you will be putting it. 

Step 2: Step 2

 This is the top of the boarder of the drawer i was talking about when you pull the drawer out, the part attached to the cupboard, not on the actual drawer that slides out. Behind this exact peice is space as its hollow and thats were ur gonna tape or stick ur bag of valuables on, the other end of this.

Step 3: Step 3

 This is the other end i said u were supposed to put it on, see hollow stick it to this end, not on the top of the inside cupboard but on this, the other side of that thing on the picture before this. Sorry, I just want to be clear on this, its hard to explain when u cant think of words to describe it, you've all been through this before I bet.

Step 4: Step 4

 Now, you put the double sided sticky square on, or tape sticking half on each side, half off so the other half sticks to the thing in step 3. Now put in your jewelry, money, or any other thing u just want  to hide.  I recommend doing what i just said in order because you want the jewelry in AFTER the sticky square or tape is on because then if u want to press on the tape or sticky square it wont crush fragile items in the bag.

Step 5: Step 5

 Now just simply stick it onto the wooden bar on the inside and close the drawer and your done! BUT, be careful not to put it too far up and be sure to not put it too far down either, we dont want anybody to see this, and try to put in the middle. Oh yeah I forgot, put the stuff back in ur drawer now. This picture is a mirror on a towel showing the inside part of the drawer of which the stuff is taped too, and dont worry, i did a crap job and didn't try so there will be space and it wont be all crunched up and have ur stuff looking like this, in fact mine was even sticking out. That means, obviously my in my towel drawer, I recommend using a drawer similar to this, I mean who wants to look in a towel drawer???

Step 6: The End!!!

 Thanks for reading my instructable, I will do more soon, in fact recommend me stuff in the comments or comment whatever you want, and most importantly rate 5 stars and subscribe please!!!
 Also, please dont use for illegal purposes, I mean even if you do, to be honest I think the dogs can easily sniff out a lot of stuff let alone anything in a bag, in a drawer of which isn't sealed. This also means dont put any smelly stuff in there, but I dont care, whatever you want. Also for extra fun, why not re read this and see how many times i said sticky squares and comment the number, I would laugh. Bye people, have a nice day and thanks again. Also recommend anything I dont just make hiding stuff, I make anything, so feel free to comment.

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    2 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    an easily found hiding spot, along with under the bottom drawer, false bottom, behind things, above door frames, etc, etc

    most parents tried similar when they were young and most people will check places like this when looking for things. there used to be a show on tv where they sent a x burglar into peoples homes and then they would help make them more secure and this was a common search spot.

    good try but sadly an easy to find spot (i knew where it would be before clicking the ible) 


    10 years ago on Introduction

    A nice, simple instructable. I like the hiding spot, but how about using velcro on the thing you hide? That way you could take it out and put it back repeatedly also.  :)