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Introduction: Ungarsk Vandmand

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Heey guys!

I am going to show you how to make what I call a "ungarsk vandmand" its danish and directly translates into hungarian jellyfish - even though I seriously doubt that's what it is actually called (if it exists in the English language)

So I am aware that it'll probably be Danish folks reading this post! However - I am still going to write it in English - just in case)

So let's get started!

You're going to need:

- Lots of rope (both 8mm and 6mm)

- Jigsaw (I think you can do it without but it'll be really difficult)

- Plywood

- Ruler and pen

You dont have to use following, but you can!

- needle and string

- colors (three different kinds)

- Round stick

Alright let's get down to business (like in Mulan!)

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Step 1: Make the Wooden Handle Thing!

Alright this I´ll try and explain, but to be honest I didn't do this step myself - my stepdad did! But I´ll try and explain it anyway!

You gotta make it look like the picture above (just the wooden part for now) and I was told that it is a really good idea to use a jigsaw!

The dimensions are as following:

The stick in the middle is 38,5 cm.

The diameter is: 46,5cm

There has to be 12 holes and their diameter is 0,5 cm.

The holes has to be approximately 10 cm apart, but really it doesn't mean that much in the end - just as long as they're kinda the same distance from each other.

The thickness of my plywood is 1,5 cm, but that doesn't matter that much as well - as long as it isn't fragile.

Step 2: Measure Measure Measure

Alright! If you hadn't guessed it, then it is time to measure the rope!

Right now you only need the thin rope (6mm). You need to make 12 robes - each of them has to be 76 cm long + 30 cm! So each rope has to be 106 cm!

Pro tip!

Don´t measure each robe with a ruler. Measure the first one with the ruler and then measure the rest by comparing/measuring with that robe!

BUT only compare the 11 other robes to the first one you made - otherwise you'll probably end of with 12 robes with waaay different lengths..

Step 3: Stick It in the Hole!

Yes - you've seen this picture before - and yes I said it, so stop giggling like i 5 year old!

Basically you have to stick the ropes through the holes. That's all for this step.

Pro tip!

If the robe won't go though the holes then try and burn the ends with a lighter - that sometimes helps.

Step 4: Make a Loop!

Now this is a little tricky to explain..

You have to make a loop out of the ends of your rope (the end that didn't go though the hole). You have to make it so your loop is only around 13 cm long. If you make it a little longer or shorter - don't panic! We can correct it in the end!

Step 5: Splicing

Alright - now you have to do something called splicing!

I really cannot explain to you how to do it - you just have to ask around if you know something who can do it or watch some YouTube videos (or maybe someone else made an Instructables about it?)

If I try to explain it you'll only get more confused - trust me XD

However I can tell you that it helped me a lot to color the ends of my robe and a bit further up the rope as you can see on the picture!

When I had the 12 splicings I tied them up with some red string - just in case (and it looks pretty!)

Step 6: Almost There!

Right! You're over the hardest part!

Lay the ungarske vandmand out so that the robes are equally spread from each other. Make sure that all the robes have the same lengths (it´s alright if they vary with 1-1.5 cm but it shouldn't be more than that). Tie knots at the top (where the holes are) and make sure that the robes still have the same lengths!

Time to use the thick robe (8mm)

Put the thick robe though the loops and lay them out again so the loops are equally spread again!

Sew (or make knots) the thick robe and the loops together.

Make a splicing where the thick robe meet itself (that's the last splicing - I swear!)

The last thing you have to do is to grind the wood handle (because it'll hurt if you don't do that. If you chose to use a round stick, then of course this step does not matter)

And voila! Look at you go! You just made a ungarsk vandmand (sounds better than hungarian jellyfish doesn't it?) - now you just have to learn to use it and I'm sure that YouTube can tell you how to do that to!

Basically you "just" have to spin it over your head and move your hands in a certain way - give it a try!

Please ask me in the comments if you have any thoughts or questions - I´ll try my best to answer them XD

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    7 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    Hi DIYistheonlyway,

    You have told us what it is called, and advised that to learn how to use it we should visit YouTube. I did that, and with both the Hungarian title and your suggestion of 'hungarian jellyfish' there were no conclusive results. Could you please explain what it does and what you might use it for? From your brief description of 'spin it over your head' I would assume it is some sort of toy. It seems too heavy to use as a lasso. Thanks.


    Answer 1 year ago

    You will get better results if you Google "ungarsk vandmand".


    Reply 1 year ago

    I can't seem to find anything about it either... maybe post a link or vid? I'm curious now ;)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks, maybe I misspelled it :S

    Looks like a lot of fun!

    P.s. Although I like the traditional look, I wonder what this would look like if you would attach LED's,.. when I saw a picture of (fake) electric jellyfish with the search results you posted, it came to me that it would be cool to imitate these creatures, if you would spin it in the dark this would look pretty cool I think!


    Reply 1 year ago

    You do know that there are bio-luminescent jelly fish in the deep ocean. They glow beautifully in the deep ocean dark. So LED's would look good on your ungarsk vandmand. And it is not such a strange idea since nature had it first. If you do make one with LED's, please post an instuructable so we can see the results. Please take care


    Answer 1 year ago

    Hi! I´ll do my best in trying to explain it :D

    It is a kind of toy actually. You grab the handle and put yourself in the middle of it (so that the handle is above you head) then you spin around yourself a couple of times - to give it a little speed. Then you stop spinning and you start moving your hands around themselves, spinning the "ungarsk vandmand" even more.

    Now that you have it spinning you can do all sorts of things! You can sit on your knees with it, sit on your bum, lay on your back, jump up and down with it (so it looks like a jellyfish), thrown it away from yourself and on the ground and more stuff! Only the imagination sets a limit really!

    If you're really good you can even start it up from the outside! (With you standing with it in front of you instead of on top of you)

    I hope that clarified things a bit! :D Thank you for reading my post and making a comment! It means the world to me!