Unicorn Clutch Bag

Introduction: Unicorn Clutch Bag

You may have stopped believing in unicorns,

But they have never stopped believing in you.

I think my love of unicorns has reached new levels of obsession.

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Step 1: Materials

For my unicorn I used

  • leather the colour of the rainbow
  • industrial sewing machine
  • white cotton
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • marker
  • circle keyring
  • leather punch
  • 15cm white zip

Step 2: Getting Started

I drew the unicorn design I wanted and created a vector. If you have a laser cutting machine, you can cut out your template with that, otherwise you can cut it with scissors.

The vector is adjustable so you can make your unicorn any size.

If you have decided to go old-school and use scissors for this project then you will need to print the unicorn template and cut it out.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Body

Place your template onto the leather and trace around it. You will need to cut out 2 panels.

Step 4: The Tricky Part

Now comes the tricky part.


Glue the edges of the zip and attach it to the leather. this will make it easier to sew .

You will need to place the 'wrong side of the leather' (the suede part) against the front of the zip with the zip slider facing the bottom of the unicorn.

Stitch along the length of the zip. Remember to do back-stitches

Step 5: I See Your True Colours

The fun part was selecting the colours to use.








I cut out long strips for the tail. They were 300mm x 5mm.

I then cut shorter strips to make the hair. These were 50mm x 10mm

Step 6: Prepping the Tail

I used the leather punch to make holes in one end of the strips. I then threaded them through a small keyring.

Step 7: Finishing the Unicorn

Making the hair

I glued the hair strips in half. I then placed them on the unicorn's head. With the wrong sides together, I stitched along the outer edges of the unicorn; starting from the one zip end and finishing off at the other.

Step 8: Ta-dah

And just like that, you have a unicorn.

Because you should leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


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    2 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Such a fun bag! Where did you get all those different colors of leather?

    tayken by design
    tayken by design

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you. I make leather bags so I used my off-cuts. =)