Unicorn Horn

Introduction: Unicorn Horn

uncorn horn on glitter headband

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Step 1: Materials

glitter ribbon
hot glue
silver spraypaint
gold spraypaint (optional)

Step 2: Measure

measure the cardboard you rolled to 16 inches

Step 3: Spray Paint

spray paint horn silver

Step 4: Cut Out Circle

cut out a circle and twist it into a point

Step 5: Insert Point

put twisted point (that you taped to stay together) in the opening at the top of the horn

Step 6: Tape Creases

Tape the over the creases of the horn

Step 7: Sand

Sand the tape so that the edges are smooth. Then respray the horn silver. 

To add texture, spray paint a little gold onto the horn along with the silver. 

Step 8: Cut Ribbon

Cut a fairly long piece of sparkly ribbon in half 

Step 9: Glue Ribbon

hot glue the newly cut ribbon onto the horn along the creases. 

Step 10: Wrap Headband

Wrap a piece of non-cut ribbon around a large headband

To make the ribbon stay while you are wrapping, try to wrap the ribbon as tightly as possible and avoid hot gluing 

Then tape the ends of the headband to make the ribbon stay

Step 11: Connect Headband to Horn

connect the horn to the headband by hot gluing 

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