Unicorn Papercraft DIY Project



About: Ecogami makes DIY papercraft templates for you to decor your house with faceted objects!

Make your own papercraft unicorn head with our printable PDF plan. It’s easy! Just follow the tutorial & you will be proud of your faceted legendary creature!

Don’t be afraid, I assembled the sculpture so everybody can do it! You will just need time & precision. Put your music on & enjoy the assemblage! (For me it is a perfect way to relax).

All the components for this papercraft unicorn are made from a printable papercraft template available as an instant download. You print out the template, cut out the parts and start assembling!

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Step 1: Print the Template

Once purchased, download the ZIP file with the pattern (PDF files to be printed with A4 or A3 sheets – Letter or Tabloid in the States) & the complete instructions in English to make the sculpture.

Print the template (choose the sheet format which is more convenient for you, the size of the sculpture is the same with A3 or A4 paper). The paper has to be thick (200 / 300 gsm / grams per square meters). The one I use is 270 gsm & it is perfect for that kind of sculpture. You can print at home if you have a printer or, easier, go to the nearest Print shop, you could buy the paper & print there.

Step 2: The Tools

You have the printed pattern! Now just check you have the following tools:

- A pair of scissors

- A ruler

- White paper glue

- And a tool to fold the paper (could be a scoring tool / cutter pencil or even a small knife).

You are ready to begin!

Step 3: Craft

Now just follow the instructions: cut the parts, fold & glue them. It is easy, all the parts of the pattern are identified with edge number guide for easy assembly (to assemble the papercraft model just match the numbers on the edges with the corresponding number & glue the edges together).

Step 4: Customize the Sculpture

Once finished, you can personalized the sculpture according to your taste. The customization options are infinite! You can color each face with felt-tip pens to make it multi-colors (I did it for several models). Or, you can paint it to make it stronger & easier to be cleaned. With an oil paint or even spray paint, it will look like laminated & your friends won’t believe you made it with paper!

The pictures above show you several options of colors & personalization. The blue one is in process! The black one is a horse (without the horn). The pattern explains it if you want a horse (instead of the unicorn).

Step 5: You Want Another Model?

Bien joué! You now have a beautiful papercraft unicorn or horse!

Remember, the template is available as an instant download from Ecogamishop. If you have built this model, I hope you enjoyed the experience. Please post a comment with a picture of it. I’m very interested in how you customize it.

You are hesitant about the model, check all my patterns to see all my papercraft animals here!



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