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Okay, first of... this is nothing more than a concept and I'm not able to try it in real life since I don't have the means to develop it further as of now. Please vote and I might be able to take it further. Thanks! (I did enter a competition, not instructables related, a year or so back but they didn't understand the concept and I got eliminated after the first elimination round).

A miniature unicycle that will jump, twist, rail and grind its way through the track you make.

Remember those car tracks you made when you were younger? Take that and remove 3 wheels and you have Unicus. A miniature unicycle. The wheel will roll, the saddle will slide, the pegs will grind, its way down the track that you build yourself. Thanks to the wide wheel and the internal mass and friction the saddle will always point forward and not tip over. The ballast weight relative to the fork and saddle weight combined with the friction of the (ball?) bearing is the hardest problem to solve

Size: 2.7" / 7cm tall

EDITED 2014-12-07
I have now made 2 concept designs that is now manufactured in a 3D-printer. My hope is to get this working over the Christmas holidays and put it on Kickstarter early 2015. I have put in a couple of new features to this and hope to get it working asap. Stay tuned!



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    4 years ago

    Awesome! It's a great concept, I have a feeling it WILL work out!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    It's now live one Kickstarter:



    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great Concept! I hope this idea goes further! It reminds me of TechDeck


    I imagine that, to be reasonably effective for a human-sized device, the total unicus weight would be that of the rider and the device plus the much greater weight of the counterbalance: Rider(~150Lbs) + counterbalance(~300Lbs - 500Lbs) + wheel(20Lbs) + frame(20Lbs) + trim(10Lbs) = 500Lbs - 700Lbs!

    and NO BRAKES!

    Wear your helmet...



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    I don’t think you get it, there’s no rider on this toy. Think Pixar’s Cars or Planes – the unicycle itself is the character (the seat is its head). So please don’t master me with the physics. If I missunderstand YOU please tell me! :)