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Here we have my newly finished Unicycle recumbent - got bored with riding my unicycles  but was never gonna throw them away or sell the suckas and as all Instructa folk know, there is no waste just material resource - - so I thought stuff it I will make a recumbent out of my old bike frame and splice the two. Started off using the small uni and it was good - nice high torque but slow to ride ( I wanted a cruiser, but no too slow ) so I used my big uni instead ( put the little one back together to ride just for fun sometimes ).

Since buying my Penny Farthing I have fallen in love with direct drive bikes, they are so easy to ride and give you back as much energy as you put in, meaning almost no fatigue on long road trips.

Purposely did not want a lay down type recumbent as the whole feet in front of ya look is not for me but this build gives perfect leg extension  and allows ya to really rest into the seat/backrest.

And I really miss my old Chopper bike - this ticked all the boxes.

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Step 1: Direct

Being direct drive means two cool things - like a Fixie cycle ya don't need brakes as such - to slow down, pedal slower.

Ya get to have a choice as to how ya want to ride with your handlebars - pic1 or  pic2 

Step 2: Built From

And her she is - not put down the tools I used cos if your building your own ride I am sure you will use things your comfortable with and have to hand.

Liked the idea of using the uni seat as a saddle, it worked  well but didn't quite give me the adjust-ability I wanted to be really comfortable and have my feet in the right position - so I made my own this was - - comfy but mmmmmm even better with an air filled squidgy.

Step 3: To Conclude

This build was never gonna be a speed machine - I love the idea of a cruiser for just moochin round the park on a hot summers day,just chillin - but hey, if I want to go faster I can just stick on a bigger wheel, who knows.

A super simple build that was a pleasure to do - plus it gave me a bit of welding practice - it has been over 20 yrs.

Keep those Instructables coming.

See ya

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    1 year ago



    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi - sorry for the late reply - nope, no takers yet but the Ebay bidding ends in just over a day.cheers for the post.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm liking it! Great work.

    I'm just trying to make a trike out of a unicycle and a wheelchair.

    The unicycle steerer tube is not threaded. Did you weld on or clamp on a threaded section to fit the headset to?

    3 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hiya - as to the uni wheel.

    I cut off the U part of standard forks leaving a tube inside the frame to rotate, then found a piece of steel that fitted into the tube in the frame (solid if poss) and! into the uni, then welded it all together to make a solid unit.

    if you need some parts for the project and your not too far from Bedford UK your more than welcome to any of my limited stock - have almost a whole wheelchair, in bits, stored for parts.

    Look forward to seeing the finished project on here an Atomic Zombie.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, Thanks Darren.

    Good thinking batman! That's probably the best way to get the steerer tube welded on in a straight line. and better than trying to get a crown race to fit the unicycle tube for sure. I'll see if I can find a piece of tube.

    ...ah, might have an old handlebar stem or a seatpost that'll do.

    I am a zombie too, but I live up north so a bit far to come and see your creations and snaffle some bits but thanks for the offer.

    I have a wheelchair (£15 ebay) and the unicycle and assorted bikes.Have to choose which to saw up for this project, and must take some pictures for the postings.



    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Super comfy - just a car inner tube folded - ya usual recumbent always looks so hard on ya bum.

    Cheers for dropping by.