Uninstall Windows XP in Windows XP Uninstall and Return to Previous Operating System

Introduction: Uninstall Windows XP in Windows XP Uninstall and Return to Previous Operating System

This instructable we learn to how to uninstall OS in Windows XP (but if you do try this, the Windows Uninstallation will load and the Windows XP will uninstall, Once the DOS tries this, The Early version of Windows ME, 98 SE or 98 will boot into it.

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Step 1: Login to Windows

You must login as administrator to continue this step.

Step 2: Click Start Menu

Click Start menu at the lower left corner to continue

Step 3: Click Control Panel

Try this step in Start Menu

Step 4: Click Add or Remove Programs

If this was unusable, You're not the administrator, Login to Administrator (no need from safe mode.).

Step 5: On Menu

Click Windows XP uninstall and it's size is least 300MB

Step 6: On Button

Click Remove/Change on Windows XP uninstall program

Step 7: On Dialog Box

Click Uninstall Windows on radio

If you upgraded from Windows 98, Windows 98 SE or Windows ME

Step 8: Click the Continue Button

And will be uninstalled from XP to ME/98/98SE

After this step, You'll receive the warning message

Also press the Enter or Spacebar

Step 9: Confirm That You Want to Uninstall

If you click Yes, the dialog box with Performing label will appear

Step 10: This Computer Will Automatically Shutdown

and will boot to MS-DOS 7/6

Step 11: Wait for Windows (no XP) Logo to Appear

Like the installation process, but we may to uninstall the OS Windows XP.

Step 12: Wait for Uninstall Phase to Boot Into Windows 98/98SE or ME

Please take the less break depending on computer speed and CPU speed

Step 13: Finally, We Finished Uninstalling Windows XP and Windows 98/98SE or Windows ME Has Booted Up

and will be finished the Uninstall Windows XP and then will boot to specific desktops and OSes: Windows 98/98SE or Windows ME.

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