Unique + Beautiful Envelopes + Stationery From Old National Geographics

Introduction: Unique + Beautiful Envelopes + Stationery From Old National Geographics

Turn old stuff into creative and unexpected envelopes and stationery! Revive the lost art of mail correspondence!

This is a relaxing and fun craft that is pleasant to do while chatting or watching TV.

Step 1: Materials

- old national geographics, architecture magazines, science magazines, calendars, or old maps- anything that has full-page images

- envelope template- print this one out and trace it onto a piece of cardstock-weight paper: a file folder or a cereal box would be ideal

-printer paper

-glue or tape


-pencil or pen

-possibly blank address labels

Step 2: Make an Envelope

1. Place your cardstock-weight template over a full-page image you like. The part in the center rectangle will be the face of the envelope. Trace with pencil or pen and cut out.

2. Fold the thin sides in, then fold the longer bottom flap up.

3. Glue or tape those three edges together (imagine the way a normal envelope is put together.)

4. Fold down the top flap.

5. Ta da! When you're ready to mail it, glue or tape the top flap closed.

If your image is dark or busy, place blank address labels on it for address & return address.

Step 3: Make Stationery

Two basic methods:

1) Tear out a page with a pleasing color scheme or design. Trim the rough edge from cutting it out with scissors. Then, glue a piece of printer paper 1/2 inch smaller all around to the center, so that the magazine page forms a border around the printer paper.

2) Cut out small or medium images and paste them around the edge of a piece of printer paper. Experiment with unexpected placements and combinations.

Happy crafting!

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