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Ever follow a boat trailer on the highway and the lights weren't working, or they were too small and below the trailer and very hard to see? Well that could have been me.  Was never comfortable driving with my boat trailer with those small lights, so I thought I would make it very easy for drivers following to see.  I built a second set of lights that are above the boat, clearly visible, lets me check to see if the lights are working and it serves the dual purpose of securing my boat to the trailer. With the two small clearance lights facing front, I can look in my rear view mirror and see that the lights are working.

This is a simple project that only takes a couple of hours to build and the cost is minimal. It does require some welding and wiring.


3 - Pieces of 1/8" X 1" flat bar (length will depend on the size of your boat.)
1 - Set of trailer lights
2 - Small clearance lights
Trailer wiring
2 - Nuts, bolts, and washers
2 - Bolts with wing nuts
Nylon tie straps


Start by cutting your flat bar into 3 pieces.  The length will depend on the size of your boat and just how high you want your lights. Mine are about the height of my truck cab.  The main upright bar will have to be bent slightly to come straight up off of the front upright on your boat trailer.  At the bottom of this piece of flat bar, drill two holes, one above the other.  This  is where you will bolt the flat bar to your trailer upright.  Clamp this flat bar to your trailer upright and drill matching holes in your trailer upright.  The pictures will make this a little clearer.  This will be your main mount.

Now take the short piece of flat bar, clamp it to the top of your main mount flat bar and weld the two together forming a T.  On each end of the short flat bar you will have to drill holes to match your trailer light set.  You will also have to drill 4 more holes on this piece of flat bar to mount your small clearance lights.  The trailer lights face the back and the small clearance lights face the front.  

Bolt the long portion of the flat bar to the front upright of your boat trailer.  Your boat will have to be on the trailer for the next part.  I found that the flat bar with the lights on it had quite a bit of movement back and forth.  So what I did is take another piece of flat bar and bent it to fit from the T flat bar to the aluminium handle on the front top of my boat.  You can weld the two pieces of flat bar together or drill a hole  and bolt them together, which is what I did.  With the upper portion welded or bolted together, clamp the bottom of the flat bar to the handle on you boat and drill a hole through both.  This is where you use a bolt and wing nut.  This not only steadies the upright portion of the flat bar, but also secures your boat to the trailer.  

Now you wire the lights to the wiring on your trailer, hook every thing up to make sure it works and you are done.  

***NOTE*** - This is a little hard to explain, but the pictures will make it very clear and easy to build.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea and can see the merits of it. However, one reason the lights should be at the back of the boat is so trailing motorists can have an idea of where the end of the boat is. Your set up my not give them enough notice you're pulling a boat. I think I would go the extended pvc route closer to the rear of the boat for safety's sake.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, thanks for looking and commenting. You are absolutely right and I do have lights at the back of the trailer as well. These are supplemental lights for more visibility and especially for those large trucks and the people that have lifted vehicles. Thanks again.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's a little difficult to see where you placed the lights but I think they are at the bow above the winch? Here in Florida you see a lot of boat trailers with the lights raised on pvc pipe at the back of the trailer, this keeps them out of the water and helps prevent corrosion. Your approach is definately unique though, thank you for sharing

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You are absolutely right it is above the winch, I will have to include a better picture to show that. I appreciate you looking and the kind comments.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, hope it wasn't too hard to understand. Thanks for looking and commenting.