Unique Dress by Agustina

Introduction: Unique Dress by Agustina

Its really cheap dress, but beauty

Step 1: Unique Dress by Agustina

To make this dress I just using 2,5 m furing with price only $2,5. And other raw is recycling raw.
This is my design to make a simple, cheap, and beauty dress

Step 2: Make a Mal

Second step is making a pattern as well as our body size. You can see the pattern based on the picture.

Step 3: Sewing the Recycling Raw

Next, we take the recycling raw. Cut the right and left side around 6cm. Then folding the recycling raw into triangle shape. Fold twice as you see on picture. Next sewing bottom side.

Step 4: Put the Triangle Shape on the Mal

Next, we put the triangle shape on the material or furing one by one as you see on picture. You can choose and integrate the colour as you want

Step 5: The Last Step

After we put all of the triangle shape on material pattern, unite the front side and back side. Taraaaa finish as you see on the picture. Simple, cheap, and beauty dress ready to use. :-) good luck, hope you can immitate my idea



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    4 Discussions

    I want join DIY dress contest. I hv sent the instructables as you say.

    Morning admin, I really disappointed coz my design is not published. Do you hv any explanation for me? Thank you

    Gorgeous! About how long do you estimate it took?

    1 reply

    Only a week :-) . Why I cant found my design inentries?