Unique and Interesting Clocks

Introduction: Unique and Interesting Clocks

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Over the years I have been collecting AND making some neat clocks. I decided to create a documentation of photographs and post them here to inspire new ideas and show off some of my creations. You'll see wood, glass, vinyl, plastic, touch screens, dice, etcetera. The main logo separates each clock.

Clock 1: I picked this up in Washington D.C. The clock hands aren't all that fancy, but I liked everything else about it.

Clock 2: A nice desert theme, spray painted onto the hands this glow in the dark foam so I could read it at night. Also used a permanent marker on the numbers so it would stand out more.

Clock 3: This is a really nice world clock. The map is touch screen, and it is just really sleek for how old it is.

Clock 4: I picked this up at a garage sale, apparently it was given to parents who helped at a school convention. It's not working at the moment, but I have enough clocks to keep me busy.

Clock 5: I got this because it was simple and neat. The clock uses ball bearings, suction cups to attach to a wall, and the clock rotates to keep it up right.

Clock 6: I just picked this up recently at a thrift store. $3! I thought it was cool how they used the dice to show the time.

Clock 7: Got this at a garage sale for $5. It was given to the couple at a wedding, and is worth quite a bit more than that. It's missing a pendulum, but I like it better without it. Turquoise rocks and the finish on the wood makes it stand out compared to normal clocks. They don't make them like they used to!

Clock 8: Just a big movement I picked up for about $2. I don't think it works, but is very complex. I liked it just to tinker with.

**Clock 9: This is one of the clocks that I made. I used the instructable from fungus amungus. I found an old clock laying around, and basically followed the guide. I found it took over 20 minutes just to heat the darn record, but it ended up looking really nice in the end.

**Clock 10: This is one of the clocks that I made. I created this stained glass piece for my parents Anniversary. I used brown for the outside, iridescent gray for the outer circle, and a barely see-through (just light) black/brown piece for the middle. I used mirror as a backing, and some clear glass with a light pattern to surround the humming bird bevel. It turned out really nice. Chimes every 15 minutes.

**Clock 11: This is one of the clocks that I made. My other, personal stained glass clock. I used mirror for the main face, and some bevel glass as accents. It was a modern piece. The mechanism turns the clock like a rolex! I used epoxy to glue each piece together, and some lead to cover the glass.

Well, these are just my "interesting" clocks. I have a few others that didn't make the cut (darn alarm clock never lets me sleep in!) If you enjoyed the slideshow, please comment and rate it! If you happen to have some neat clocks of your own, be sure to post them in your comment.

Subscribe to me if you want to be notified of any clocks that I may add to the slideshow as I get them. Otherwise, stay tuned for a MUCH longer slideshow for my watches!


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    what the brand clock 3 i like clocks to in my guest bedrom theere are 4 clocks 6 banks and a creppy clown to top it off my freind took them down when he sleeps here


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Huh I like the one with the dice... Maybe I'll take a shot at making one of those... nice job though...