Unique and Easy Temporary Yarn Braids/falls!




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These braids are always a neat way to make a  bold statement and of course a great way to stay warm.  You can wear them for up to 3-4 days (you can even shower in them, just use light shampoo). They are easy to put in and quick to take out. How long it takes depends on how wide you make the braids. If your very dedicated you can do this yourself however it really is easier to get a friend to help.

Things you need: Yarn , scissors, rubber bands (the clear tangle free ones do not work well they snap a lot and you braids will get messed up) At least four inches of hair, comb

Step 1- Figure out how many braids you want, how many strands of yarn you want in each braid, and how long you want the strands to be. Then multiply how many braids you want and how many strands you want in each one. After you have done that take the number you got and multiply it by how long you want the strands to be. Once you have that figured out cut the strands with about two inches extra on each strand. Ex. 20 braids times 4 strands of yarn per equals 80 strands if you want them two feet long multiply 80 by 2ft to get a length of 160ft.
                             #Hint- Make the length of the strands at least three inches longer then the length of you hair. I usually make
                               them  at least 12in to make them look really good.

Step 2- After you have cut  your stands, separate out however many you want per braid. Take those strands and run them thru a rubber band so that they are folded in half thru it. I like to get all the bands ready at once, so just set this aside and repeat until all the strands and rubber bands have been put together.

Step 3- Take a comb and separate as much hair as you want in a single braid. Take the rubber band and wrap it around the hair as close to the scalp asyou can get and still be comfortable for you. I like making triangular parts but square works well to. Once again I like to attach all the bands and yarn to the hair at once. When I'm done with this step I have the person take a look at the parts to see if they like them and ask them to roll there neck around to see if it pulls to much anywhere.

Step 4- braid each section with yarn mixed in the hair. be sure to  band the braid before you run out of hair so that your real hair doesn't stick out of the braid. When you've finished all the sections trim yarn and enjoy your yarn falls.

 #Hint- The way you divide the yarn with the hair will change the way it looks when braided so play around with it. Two ways I like is to put a few strands in each of the three section of a braid or by putting all the  yarn into one section and using the real hair and the other two. Anyway you do it you really can't go wrong!

P.S. Please rate and /or leave comment I would love to know what you think. Also if you like this project cheak my Instructable how to make hair wraps.

 Thx Kharma for being my hair model, the second two pics are actually from my other model Shi, I put them in to demonstrate how to start the yarn fall as both start the same.




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a creative, fun and delightful idea... I could see this becoming a fashion trend!!!

    I don't know how time-consuming this project is, but if you could find a third party Picture-taker to help, definitive photographs could be land this Ible in the Winners' Circle!

    Best of luck!!!!

    1 reply