Unisex Neckwarmer

This neckwarmer is something I thought up recently when I wanted to finish off some leftover skeins of yarn. It is fun, fashionable and most importantly functional. It knits up in a flash and can be made with any chunky yarn you have laying around. Do a solid color, stripes, checks, or anything else you can think of!

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Step 1: Knitting Needles

I used size 10.5 (7 mm) knitting needles and a chunky yarn that was left over from another project.

Step 2: Stripes and Length

I had more navy than gray and I realized after completing one side with stripes that I wouldn't have enough gray for the whole thing... so, I decided the back would be solid blue, and luckily I had exactly the right amount of gray to do the same number of stripes on the other side. Each stripe consists of four rows, and the whole neckwarmer is in the knit stitch (no purling!). I didn't measure the neckwarmer as I was making it but it ended up being exactly two feet long, which was 104 rows. It fits a bit loosely around the neck, so if you want a snugger fit I would make it a little shorter. Fit depends on neck size, too... I happen to have a skinny neck but this might fit someone else more snugly.

Step 3: Buttonhole

I am not too advanced a knitter so I had never made a buttonhole before. I found a very simple method called a yarnover in a book I had and it worked really well. Knit until you are ready to make the buttonhole. The last stitch you make, knit two together, to decrease a stitch (a yarnover adds a stitch to your row so this way you decrease one before that happens). Then, wrap the yarn once from front to back over the right knitting needle (so you have to pull the yarn to the front and then wrap it over the needle) then knit the stitch as usual. The wrapped yarn becomes the new stitch and makes a hole at the same time. Make sure you knit this new stitch on the next row.

Step 4: Button

I picked a fun button and sewed it on with matching thread. Two buttons side by side would look cool too!

Step 5: How to Wear It

You can wear it under a coat or by itself on a day when you don't quite need a jacket but would like to protect your neck from the wind... or if you just want to look fashionable.

Step 6: Looks Like a Scarf... But Cooler!

It covers your neck like a scarf and looks just like one when your coat is zipped up, but there's no long ends to deal with.

Step 7: Unisex

Looks great on guys too! Make one for your trendy boyfriend/guy friend/husband... or teach him how to knit it himself!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is beautiful!!!! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry if I've offended anyone... could you explain your comment please? I have no idea what you're talking about.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    You did not offend anyone. Although your instructable is not for me, it is the perfect example of what one should be. I reviewed your instructable to gain knowledge not to insult you. I thought it would be a funny joke for people to guess what WPWHNN meant. Little did I know that White People Whom Have No Neck was not so funny after I found that there is a disease with the term “NO NECK” in it. But I ran with it and I am sorry to waste all of your time. I will close my instructable account tonight. getbusy!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    "This is a mean spirited joke towards us of WPWHNN. Please flag this as I have." I don't get it - to quote a dodgy australian politician - "Please explain?"


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cool :) I now need to find instructions on how to knit because I can totally use this when cycling at the moment :)