Universal Bike Handle Bar Mount




This instructable shows you how to turn a front reflector into a universal bike handle bar mount that you can use to mount many different gadgets.

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Step 1: Find a Bike Reflector.

Universal bike mount system. Take those plentiful cheap reflectors that are on every junk bike out there. You might even ask your local bike shop if they have any laying around. They look like the one pictured. Some are mounted to the seat post and some are mounted to the handle bars. I've so far only used the ones mounted to the handle bars, but i could see some uses for the rear reflector.

Step 2: Remove the Reflector

Release the bracket from the reflector. Mount the bracket on the handlebars or where ever you want to mount it. Now take your reflector and grind down the "nub" that locks the reflector to the mount, but not too much, you still want it to lock in place.

Step 3: Grind Off the Excess

Now start grinding off the excess. I find it easier, after you grind a little, to wedge a screw driver in and pry off the reflector. Keep grinding until you have this.

Step 4: Attach to Your Gadget.

Use some epoxy glue on what you want to mount. Now you can have a seperate bracket on all your different bikes that will accept all of your gadgets. I use mine for my GPS receiver, my phone/mp3 player, and my lighting system. The lighting system came with a mounting bracket that worked nice, but now I have a universal mount that I can easily switch from one bike to another and swap out a phone when I don’t need the light. For the phone, i used a spare battery cover so i didn't ruin my phone for everyday use. I find that i don't really notice the mount on my GPSr.

Step 5: Slide Your Gadget on to Your Mount.

The gadget will now slide on to your preinstalled mount. Enjoy!!!

Also note that you should still use a front reflector.

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    nice, i wonder if i can use this idea on my car steering wheel?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea and great Instructable. I like the fact that if you have several of these that you can truly use a single mount with several devices. Having the right kind of reflector would seem to make all the difference here. I haven't taken a good look at the front reflectors on my bike, but the rear ones are mounted with a screw and might not be suitable for the quick-release function that you've developed.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I used the bracket and a bolt to attach a home made light, as it didn't need to be removable (and I really wanted it to stay on the bike), never thought to grind up the reflector and make it quick release-able... Excellent idea!!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I use a combination of these to mount a water bottle cage to y seatpost


    Nice 'ible and idea, i've been working on the same thing to hold the in cable controls for my phone, so I can change tracks while riding with both hands, thankfully I only have to modify the original reflector backing, still great idea, especially for those that have GPS's and other little gadgets. Another good use for this would be making a drinks holder, simply taking a ring of pipe section or the like, screwing it on and adding a little arm with a base to keep the drink in place...