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Introduction: Universal Blue Tooth Connectivity

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Lets be honest, most of this IOT stuff is really difficult to setup and hard to use. This is hands down the easiest way to connect a blue tooth to everything in your home, and I mean EVERYTHING. Do you ever wish your cat had a blue tooth? What about connecting to your milk, your underpants and your flip flops all with a blue tooth. The Universal Blue Tooth Connector will help you immediately connect all of your devices to each other. For even more frustration and complication try connecting multiple blue teeth at the same time and connect even more objects.

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, and a whole metric ton of resistors LEDs and other electronic components that you can get by breaking open a really old computer.

Oh, and you'll also need some MDF, spray paint magnets, and double sided tape.

Step 2: Put Away the Electronics.

First step is to open a drawer in your workshop and put all the electronic bits in it. You'll need those for an Instructable by Randofo or Aleator777 or any number of other great authors.

Step 3: Blue

What good is Blue Tooth connectivity if it isn't blue? Break out the paint. It's time to get blue.

Step 4: Add a USB Stick

Time to add a USB (Universal Sticky Base) stick. A common brand of USB is 3M, but others exist too. Choose your favorite USB and get sticky. Apply an complete layer of USB to both sides of your blue tooth to ensure seamless connectivity.

Step 5: Design Your Blue Tooth

I chose to model my Blue Tooth after a dislodged human tooth, but a shark tooth tiger tooth or cow tooth would work equally well.

Step 6: Laser!

What's an IOT project without a laser? If you have access to a laser cutter, I highly recommend using it for this step. If not, you can cut the tooth out with a saw or with your other teeth (like the ones in your jaws).

Step 7: Start Connecting With Your Blue Tooth

Like I said, this little blue tooth will help you connect with pretty much all the objects in your home, so don't hesitate to get started.

If you follow this Instructable, please do post photos of your blue tooth and what you connected with it.

Step 8: Alternative Approaches

As alternatives to laser cutting you could also use any of the other methods listed below to make your blue tooth.

3D Printing

CNC Cutting

Hand Sculpting

Contract Labor

Real Teeth and Paint

Your Own Teeth and Paint

Blue Cheese Molding

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