Universal Cantilevered Spool Holder for 3D Printers

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Hanging a filament spool on a horizontal axis is the most common way to attach material to a 3D printer. Since there is a variety of different spool sizes on the market, we designed this spool holder to be compatible with as many different 3D printer models as possible.

All 3D files for the main spool holder parts can be 3D-printed flat on the build plate without the need for support structures. We also designed several accessories and adaptors to make this spool holder compatible with various 3D printer models.

The spool holder axle consists of two symmetrical halves which are held together in the front by a lock fitting, and in the rear via the butterfly joint used in our 3DCastlePlayset.creativetools.se.

This project was created by Tim Wahlström in cooperation with the 3D-team at CreativeTools.se in Sweden.


If you have a 3D printer with a 3D print volume of 150 mm or larger, you can print the file 01-MAIN__COMPLETE_BUILDPLATE, which contains all the main parts for the spool holder. The files named 01-MAIN... are the individual spool holder parts. All the remaining files are accessories.


- Easy to print.

- Narrow design fits many 3D printers.

- Two-step attachment depth allows for thin- and thick-gauged 3D printer cases.

- Symmetrical halves allow for supportless 3D printing.

- Adapters for mounting on arbitrary vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Please refer to the following video for instructions.


If this spool holder does not fit onto your 3D printer model, please write a comment to let us know. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

By CreativeTools.se

Step 1: Download the STL Files



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