Universal Cigar Box Stand (Heavy Duty)

Introduction: Universal Cigar Box Stand (Heavy Duty)

Hi folks! I recieved such a positive response from the corrugate version of this stand that I decided to go ahead a post the plans for the heavy duty MDF version that I make and sell on this website. All it takes to make is some scrap MDF, a jig or scroll saw, some glue and nails and you're in business! These plans also include a full size template for tracing the patterns onto the MDF. The weight of the MDF does a nice job of providing a nice stable base, but feel free to substitute other materials as you see fit.

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Step 1: Support Legs and Center Support

The plans call for 1/2" MDF, but feel free to use any 1/2" material that you would like so long as it is heavy enough to provide a stable base for your CBG. I have included a full sized template of the support legs that can be traced or spray mounted to your substrate for ease in cutting.

Step 2: Base

I have added 1/2" routed groves to my base in order to secure the support legs and provide a good gluing surface. The grooves also help prevent splitting of the MDF when I brad nail the support legs from the bottom. I used a 1/2 rounter bit to make the grooves but this can also be doen using a table saw.

Step 3: Final Assembly

With the support legs (part #2) glued and brad nailed into the base (part #1) from the bottom, the center support (part # 3) can now be brad nailed in between the two support legs. The position does not need to be exact, but we try to center this part on the peak of the support legs.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for these plans, I think the design is brilliant. I do agree with your choice of building materials the weight of this type of base is important to stability.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. This stand was actually the first product that I designed and produced using the 3 Axis CNC router that I built using plans that I downloaded from this website. The MDF was a natural choice for the router that also ended up working well fo rthe stand. I wonder how many folks out there have built an instructable using and instructable?.....kind of cool of cool if you think about it.