Universal Kitchen Pan Lids. (quick Lifehack)


Introduction: Universal Kitchen Pan Lids. (quick Lifehack)

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Do you have a drawer full of pan lids? pans with no lid? The wrong sized lid just causes spattering or it slides off...

What good is a pan lid anyway? Well first off it will help bring your water to a boil faster, and if right it will also keep the water from evaporating so much.

In this instructable I will show how I modified a few pan lids to be pretty universal you can do this too with yours or in this case I actually bought a nicer glass lid to replace one of the steel ones i have been using for years. So I decided to document this simple trick!

Step 1: Look Through Your Existing Lids,

To do this you want a panlid that has a removable handle. usually a screw type (nothing riveted or spot welded) Ive found that the knob style work better than the handle style. but im pretty sure they too could be hacked.

also lids with less lip around the edge look the best, but it really does not matter. They can be metal or glass, whatever you want.

Id suggest making 2 or 3 of these, so pick something medium and a large, and if you use one size a lot or want to cover more same sized pans make another medium or large one.

pick your lids.

Step 2: This Is It.

Unscrew the handle flip the lid over and re-assemble the handle with the lid curving upwards (Concave when you hold the handle) tighten and voila!

That is pretty much it!

Just Take the handle off and flip the lid over and use what was the top, as the bottom and the bottom as the top.

It sits perfectly on a pot or pan, any steam builds up and drips back down the center, if it starts to boil over it hits in the middle breaking the bubbles giving you a little time to adjust. the temp. It will fit a any pan or skillet that is smaller than the lid.

This trick has allowed me to reclaim a whole drawer in my kitchen. and sure while i have to clean the lids they even cleanup easier, because its an easy rounded surface to scrub!

Was even handy when i broke my rice cooker lid!

One last word of caution, we are using these lids in a way they were not designed for, I'm sure doing this with a steel or aluminum lid will be fine, but there is a chance a glass lid like this could break if it does, please toss the food in the trash, nobody wants to accidentally eat a glass sliver! there is a chance a large glass lid, will get extra heat coming up the sides of the pan enough to break it, ive not had it happen with my glass lid, but then again i usually pick the right burner on my electric stove!



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    Another novel, simplistic idea that I imagine few have thought of. Thanks

    (It just gets tedious - people running around on here shouting, "VIOLA!" No idea how many times I've seen that.)

    I perhaps im just into violins. but i suppose rather than harping on with these puns ill go fix it. :)

    I perhaps im just into violins. but i suppose rather than harping on with these puns ill go fix it. :)

    I perhaps im just into violins. but i suppose rather than harping on with these puns ill go fix it. :)

    good lord you have saved the day. i just accidentally threw out a lid or two i really need. great thinking!