Universal LED Display Board

Hello all,

This time I will share with you my project Universal LED Display Board to simplify the connections between the LED displays and the bredboard of your projects.

The LED dot matrix has many pins for connection and each one control an specific LED in a row versus column.

And worst, the number of pins does not correspond directly with the number of row and column.

Due that I did this board that combines the versatility to use different kinds of displays (7 Seg x 4 Digits / Large Dot Matrix / Small Dot Matrix) and also give you an easier (and clean) order of pins for rows and columns (1 to 8).

The main idea of this project come from my Multiple LED Display Module.

Take a look on that too !

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Step 1: Material List

Material List:

- Resistor 150 Ohms (16 x)

- Pin connector female - 6 pins (2 x)

- Pin connector female - 12 pins (3 x)

- Pin headers 90º - 8 pins (3 x)

- PCB (01 x) - Manufactured (Optional)


1) This design of this board can be used with dual color LED dot matrix (large & small sizes) and 7 Seg x 4 Dig display like the series FYQ-5642Bx.

2) All LED displays must be COMMON ANODE to work properly.

3) There are also the resistors to assure the right voltage on LEDs.

4) Maximum input voltage: 5V

Step 2: PCB & Schematics

In this project I used the DipTrace dedicated software for PCB boards.

This software is very useful and simple to be used and better, there is a free version for non-comercial applications and a maximum of 300 holes in your project of board.

For hobbyists and makers this version is perfect !

If you follow the electrical diagram you can do the circuit on a standard/universal PCB too.

Step 3: Using

  • Dot Matrix

1) The rows are numbered from 1 to 8 to.

2) The columns are numbered from 1 to 8.

3) Connectors on left side of the board are for RED LEDs columns.

4) Connectors of right side of the board are for GREEN LED columns.

  • 7 Seg x 4 Dig

1) The rows from 1 to 4 are to select the corresponding digit of the display.

2) The rows from 5 to 8 have not any action on this display.

3) Connectors on left side controls the segments from "A" to "G" and the DP (digital point).

4) Connectors of right side have not any action on the display.

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