Universal Phone Remote

Introduction: Universal Phone Remote

This will make your life so much easier. Get rid of all your other remotes, this replaces them all.

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Step 1: What You Need

2 infrared LEDs
1 3.5 mm auxiliary cord
1-2 cm heat shrink tubing
3-4 cm electrical tape

Wire snips
Lighter or hair dryer

Step 2: Cutting the Cord

Cut the cord of the auxilary cord 1cm from the end. Find the blue (right channel) and red (left channel) and cut the other one (ground).

Step 3: Connecting the IR LEDs

Connect the positive side to the negative side of the two LEDs. Do this on both sides making sure the long wire is connected to the short wire on both sides of the LED. Then connect one end to the red wire and one end to the blue wire. Cover each side with a thin layer or electrical tape to prevent shortage.

Step 4: Covering Up

Put a piece of heat shrink tubing over the open area of the wires. Use the lighter to heat up the tubing. Don't put the tubing in direct conntact with the flame. Place flame under the tubing and rotate the tubing slowly until it has all shrinked.

Step 5: Testing Out Your New IR Remote

Plug your IR blaster into your phone and get an IR universal remote app. Point your phone at the sensor on your TV or other device and start controlling everything.

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    2 years ago

    Shouldn't you have a resistor for each of those Leads to avoid drawing too much current from the audio output?