University of Georgia Adirondack Chairs

Introduction: University of Georgia Adirondack Chairs

Retired educator 30 years (teacher, technology coordinator, academic coach, assistant principal, ...

It is amazing what you can make with reclaimed wood! Our neighbor had a boathouse built, and the company did not build it to code. So, the company had to tear it down and build a new one! Their loss quickly became our gain. Our neighbor gave us the pressure treated lumber, and my husband decided to build a couple of Adirondack Chairs using that wood and the wood from an old wooden swingset we had a long time ago.

My husband used his table saw and removed the rotten pieces of the boards. Then he cut the slats he needed, and built the chairs using decking screws. I sanded the chairs and table and painted them our favorite college football team's and black...University of Georgia...using Rustoleum paint.

We even had enough wood to build our neighbors a couple of Adirondack Chairs. They are enjoying them on their "new" boathouse deck!

See attached plans from Popular Mechanics. (We modified the plans because we used thicker wood.)



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