Stepper Motor - Use It Cheapest and Easyest




Unknown stepper motor wiring

i found an old stepper motor with unknown wiring

7,5 degrees/step
50 mH

colors of cables are
1. Blue (1)
2. Red
3. Green
4. Blue (2)
5. Black
6. White

so I need to understand what is this and if it works to run it and use.

Step 1: Measure

so we need to find
1. multimeter (Ohm meter)
2. 12 V power supply

now we have 6 wires
we are sure that it is safe to measure ohms between wires
I make a table

1.Blue (1)
2. Green

with multimeter measure Ohm resistance between wires
1 to 2 = 39
1 to 3 = 39
1 to 4 = *
1 to 5 = *
1 to 6 = *
2 to 3 = 78
2 to 4 = *
2 to 5 = *
2 to 6 = *
3 to 4 = *
3 to 5 = *
3 to 6 = *
4 to 5 = 39
4 to 6 = 39
5 to 6 = 78

Step 2: Understand What We Measure

here we understand that
1 and 2 we have 39 Ohm
1 and 3 we have 39 Ohm
2 and 3 we have 78 Ohm

It is easy to decide that

(A+) - 39 - (A) - 39 - (A-)
(B+) - 39 - (B) - 39 - (B-)

Group A
Common: 1
phases: 2 3

Group B
Common: 4
phases: 5 6

Step 3: Test

after this you need to test

Here you need 12 V power supply
! if you use only 12V it is safe for you and for motor

to turn in Clock Wise direction
12V (-) to blue and blue (connect them)

! here you give 12V for 1 second and you will see haw motor turns at 7.5 degrees
after that give to second wire and so on

12V (+) to
Red and

if you need to use it for something you can make
turning switch with 4 contacts

Gr || || Blck
O <---- 12V (+)
Red || || White

connect (||) to Green, Black,Red and White
and 12V (+) to (O)
blue both connect to 12V (-)

The easy way to connect stepper motor and use.



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    yes :)
    some years ago Bulgaria was big manufacturer of electronic equipment and sale it to USSR and all socialist market. Maybe you know these stepper motors.
    About languages i think you can understand most of bulgarian words without dictionary :)
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