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Create Something Useful Out of Something Useless.

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Step 1: Supplies

- 1 packet of paper doilies

- oil color paint set

- sewing kit

- anything that can be used as a mobile structure (In my case, I made use of mini lanterns from my house storage.)

Step 2: Paint and Dry Overnight.

Paint paper doilies with your favorite colors. I colored on the both sides (front and back) of paper doilies in order to create beautifully colored doily butterflies from the 360 perspectives. After painting both sides, leave them to dry overnight.

Tip: Highlight the center and the edge of paper doilies in different colors for better outcome of doily butterflies.

Step 3: Fold in and Fold Out Horizontally.

Fold in and fold out horizontally. Repeat folding in and folding out. (kinda looks like a potato chip)

Step 4: Fold 2/3

Fold 2/3 to make two different sizes of butterfly wings.

Step 5: Tie a Pair in the Middle.

Pair up matching-colored doilies or mix-and-match different colored doilies. Tie a pair up in the middle.

Tip: Use the contrast color of thread to tie up. E.g. Use yellow thread for blue-toned doilies.

Step 6: Sew Them Together.

I made a total of 14 doily butterflies, so I divided them into 4 groups (2 groups of 4 butterflies and 2 groups of 3 butterflies) to create an asymmetrical and yet weight-balanced mobile.

After dividing doily butterflies into 4 groups, sew each group together on white thread. I used white thread to draw attention to the multi-colored doily butterflies.

Step 7: Tie Them Up

Tie the threads of doily butterflies onto any hangable item that can be used as a mobile structure. In my case, I made use of two mini lanterns from the house storage.

Hope you find my info useful and create something unique of your own. :)

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