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Introduction: Unnamed K'nex Gun

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This is a small gun I made in MLCad. It started off as a Desert Eagle but the trigger messed it up, so then I gave up on the Desert Eagle idea and added a pin guide and other parts. I'ts my first post for 8 months so its not the best.
Also if you have a name for it please port in a comment, all ideas welcome.
Also the handle was made mostly by knex_builder_freak with me adding a few bits.
Trigger based on I_ am_canadian's assault pistols.

Pros and cons;


Angled Handle
Looks Ok
Has Mag
Fires Blue Rods
Internal Mag Pusher
True Trigger
Blocks Quite Far Back
Pin Guide
Takes A Lot Of Bands
Low Piece Count


Low Range (Per Elastic Band)
Low Mag Capacity (3-4 Max)
Not Realistic
Weak Body

Comment, Rate and Subscribe. ;)
PS: Tags on third picture.



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    this is a Desert Eagle, but i don't know what model type of the Desert eagle it is,
    can you post it??

    I find the new trigger design promising, however the rest of the gun could use a little work.

    Tube And Stick, essentially a row of connectors on a rod, the ram travels through the holes on the connectors, most beginner weapons are TAS weapons.

    Thats just to bulk it up. The handle was 6 layers thick and the barrel and the mag where all 3 layers so I put it there to make the back end thicker.