Unnamed Knex Shotgun Secondary and Pocket Size Sidearm



About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3

I was too lazy to give a detailed description so here it is.

Range: 5.80 m, or 19.2 feet with one lstandard rubber band. Compared to the HSSR: 4.70 meter, or 15.4 feet (one standard rubber band)

Action: Bolt action, hopper will be added later.

Power: 1.4,3\6 Oblivitus. One rubber band. Compared to the HSSR: 1.2,1\3

Other features: Sotgunny, Open barrel supports all kids if ammo (including RR's, oodammo, and even splodies), Fairly compact, pump, special stock with neckrest (not to be confused with redneck), True trigger (may need improvements), Pin guide, Iron sight, Flashlight attachment, HSSR handle, Can be dual wielded, Carrying handle, Sturdy.

Picture one: The gun itself. Notice the stock.
Picture two: Older version. No stock, trigger, carrying handle, strudiness, spring, bla bla bla.
Picture three: Barrel. (this is the older version: there is no trigger)
Picture four: Barrel and trigger
Picture five: First person view
Picture six: Aim down sight mode (in call of duty this makes you more accurate but it takes longer to turn around)
Picture seven: Ram, pump, and pin guide.
Picture Eight: Another picture of the stock, again notice it's weird shape.
Picture nine: Who is this guy? The first one that guesses gets nine cookies!

Also, I am working on a pocket sized version, also shotgunny, I'll contact all subscribers when i'm done. Don't forget to leave a comment!

PS: I am looking for a good name for this thing, anyone any suggestions?



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, it is. Should have removed that picture before.

    Anyways, the pocket sized version is posted, even though it's not a shotgun.

    TigerNodDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I think you're right about that, I think of changing the trigger into the one seen on the OSNJCKMA2, and changing the frame.

    DJ RadioTigerNod

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    the trigger on OSNJCkMA2 was there so you could block the barrel from behind the hopper. This doesnt need it.