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Sometimes in life you are presented with the awesome opportunity to disappear into the Pacific Northwest for three idyllic days in the wild with your best friend. Sometimes with all the excitement, your best friend forgets to pack cooking utensils. If that is the case, here's what you do.

Step 1: Materials

Drink your favorite beverage (in our case Mike's Hard Mango Punch) to put your mind at ease, so that you might think more clearly. Sunbanks recalled she had some baking supplies in her trunk (shes that kind of flamingo). Rummaging about unveiled a four pack of loaf pans, now to be spared from the typical humdrum of banana bread loafery.

We realized that although these would work, they had no handles, so after drinking more magic inspiration juice, we set to work crafting handles. I would at this time recommend that you buy yourself a Mora knife, in one of their many varieties. The particular one I have is their "heavy duty" carbon steel model. This is the third Mora knife I've purchased, and most certainly not the last.

Step 2: Slice It Up

Baking pans stack nicely in themselves, we had four baking pans but you just need two to hack together a pot with handles.

Start by cutting along the bottom corners of one of your pans, lengthwise.

Down the center of the pan underside make a cut perpendicular to the parallel corner cuts, creating two flaps.

Extend the flaps up the side of the pan to the crimped edge.

Step 3: Roll It Up

Find two roughly L shaped sticks about camp, these will serve as your lifter sticks. Tightly roll the foil flaps around these sticks, they will unspring slightly allowing easy removal of the stick.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Place uncut pan in handle/lifter assembly, and fill with your favorite food that needs heating. Using your lifter sticks, you can place your meal wherever you need to on any reasonable sized cooking fire, and when it is heated, simply lift it out again.

Congratulate yourself with more delicious, good-times beverage, and a hammock.Hammocks are the best, especially when you have a belly filled with delicious campfire food (campfires make everything at least 150% tastier).



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    2 years ago

    nice mod. looks like y'all had a great trip.