Unreal Tournament Nail Art

Introduction: Unreal Tournament Nail Art

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As an Unreal Tournament (99) fan I wanted to make a nail art design for the game! So I figured the U logo would be nice on top of my nails, along with some blood splatters between them from killing opponents ;). (Come on girls, show those boys we also play these kind of games! ^^ )

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Step 1: Materials

- Kitchen paper
- Base coat
- Clear top coat
- Silver nail polish
- Red nail polish
- Black nail polish
- Nail Polish remover

If you don't have the special tips on your nail polish, you can use a couple of toothpicks to make the details

Step 2: Applying the Nail Polish

-Put your hand on the paper towel, so the underground is protected.

-Apply a layer of base coat like you normally would.
This is as a protection for your nails as some nail polish can leave stains in your nails.
It will also keep the nail polish longer on your nails and fills up your nails.

-Apply 2 layers of silver as background.

-Draw the U logo with black nail polish.
Make dots if your hands are shaky.

-Make blood splatters with red nail polish on the other fingers in between

-Let it dry

-Apply top coat (2x)

-Let it dry and clean up some nail polish that went on your fingers with nail polish remover.

Step 3: Finished!

Enjoy your Unreal nails! 

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    6 years ago

    Love the very idea! My XBox Live tag is "Shoots like a girl," and it's really fun to remind the world that women play these games too!


    6 years ago

    Gotta love UT! Should put my server back online... Too many projects. My girls would love UT fingernails :)